Trying out a multi-roll updo!

There is always something new to learn in the vintage community, and what I love about the Facebook groups I am a part of, we all support and inspire each other!
I’ve struggled to find the time to be creative with my vintage style; I always go for something quick and easy or when I set my hair, I always do the same set and brush out. I really like my sets but that isn’t very interesting for you guys if I do the same thing all the time!

Recently on one of the Facebook groups, called ‘Vintage Updos for Modern Girls’, I took inspiration from a lovely lady who I’ve followed on Instagram for a while. Heather, known on Instagram as Miss Heather Hellcat, has the most beautiful long black hair and does some fantastic victory rolls! She does tutorials on her Facebook and the other day she did an amazing 5 roll updo, so I thought if she can do it on her long, long hair, I can try on mine!

So firstly, I used a rat-tail comb, a smoothing brush, pomade, hairspray and lots of grips! Heather rolls on straight hair, but I quickly curled mine for a bit of added help!

Rat-tail comb, smoothing brush, pomade, hairspray, grips!

I started by sectioning off an area of hair for a barrel roll. The key to any good, long-standing roll is lots of teasing! So, I took small parts of the main section and teased until it could essentially stand up by itself!

Once it was all teased, I smoothed with the smoothing brush, ran some Suavecita pomade through the section and rolled. I wrap the hair around two fingers and pinch the loop then roll it towards my head. If it doesn’t sit write the first time, keep trying ! It took 3 attempts for this first roll.

Once I was happy with my first roll, I moved on to the ‘victory rolls’, following the same principles – tease, smooth and roll!

Then it was on to the bit I was most concerned about – the back rolls! I have a fair amount of layers and my hair is rather thick. I recently had a trim and I always have my hair thinned but it can still be a struggle! I ended up sectioning my hair in to 3 sections as it was difficult to wrap all that hair into a neat pin curl. Heather rolled her hair into big pin curls, rather than standing rolls and so I followed her advice.

I held the sections up to tease and smooth as that’s the direction I want them to sit in. This was a difficult part as I had ends sticking out and as it is was on the top/back of my head, I couldn’t tell if the pin curls were looking good or not! After a bit of rerolling and pinning, I got it to look a bit like Heathers!

I admit, it does look more Mary Poppins than pin up, but all in all, I really like the result!

Outfit Of The Day 

The sunshine has appeared once again here in Suffolk, luckily on my day off! I adore this gingham skirt from Collectif Clothing, it has been featured on this blog already. I wore this with the Amanda top, also from Collectif Clothing, with the addition of a Primark cardigan.
These sunglasses are my favourite, I got them from a vintage shop in Colchester that sadly is no longer open. They are the perfect amount of cat eye for my face shape!
I also bought these RSPB charity pins, they are so cute! Did you notice I got a swallow? I thought it was appropriate!

Collectif Outfit

Collectif Outfit
This skirt has pockets!

Please excuse the cat hair… it is the bane of my life!

RSPB pins
A swallow and a Violet

If you give this look a go, I’d love to see the results! Also, I recommend checking Heather out on Instagram and Facebook, she’s so talented!

What hairstyle would you like to see me try next?

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I am a twenty-something vintage lover who is trying to find the time out of work to dress up and feel more glamorous!

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