Collectif Sale Spending!

For the last couple of months, I have been counting down to one of my favourite times of the year... the big Collectif Clothing sale! Every year, big savings are to be had. I patiently waited until pay day to even take a glimpse of what was on offer. My first visit to the website… Continue reading Collectif Sale Spending!


Vintage Style TV Shows to Watch

I have grown up watching various television programmes based on what my parents and grandparents enjoyed watching - perhaps this influenced my love of vintage in the present day! I love history and I have been re-watching some of my all time favourite TV shows and thought I would share them with you - if… Continue reading Vintage Style TV Shows to Watch

Gibson Roll Tutorial [Update & Vlog]

This may seem like some sort of Deja Vu, as I have already demonstrated a Gibson roll on my blog previously, but my blog is all about my progression into the vintage style and it's aim is to hopefully help and inspire some of you, my readers, to try new things. Recently, with some practice… Continue reading Gibson Roll Tutorial [Update & Vlog]

Joanie Clothing Haul!

Since returning from my ventures, there is one thing I have been longing to do... update my vintage wardrobe! I've done a few wish lists at this point and finally I was in a position to have a little spending spree. Since the UK is in the middle of a heat wave, I had quickly… Continue reading Joanie Clothing Haul!

My Guide to Las Vegas

Our honeymoon seems like forever ago already and looking at all the photos makes me miss it so much, we really did have the best time! My best friend (and bridesmaid) flew out to Las Vegas for her planned holiday the day after we left, it would have been amazing to hang out with her!… Continue reading My Guide to Las Vegas

Being tourists in LA and visiting the Besame Store!

If you had ready my previous post about what I was taking with me on our honeymoon, you will have noticed I didn't take much in the way of vintage. I really missed dressing up and doing my hair and make up - but it was rather hot in Vegas! I will be talking more… Continue reading Being tourists in LA and visiting the Besame Store!

Our Wedding Day

We have now been married four weeks just gone - we received our wedding photo's today and now I am overcome with emotion. Our wonderful photographer, Andy Chambers, captured our day perfectly... and I want to do it all over again! One of my friends from work said I should write down all I can… Continue reading Our Wedding Day

What’s in my Vintage Suitcase?

I am afraid the name of this post is a little deceptive. Alas, I do not own a vintage suitcase. As I am currently packing for our honeymoon - two weeks in the states - I really wouldn't want to bring a vintage suitcase, give me wheels please! We are heading to Las Vegas first,… Continue reading What’s in my Vintage Suitcase?

Trying out a multi-roll updo!

There is always something new to learn in the vintage community, and what I love about the Facebook groups I am a part of, we all support and inspire each other! I've struggled to find the time to be creative with my vintage style; I always go for something quick and easy or when I… Continue reading Trying out a multi-roll updo!

Then to now: the vintage and pin up style

I'm so surprised I have found the time to finally sit down and write! I had no idea how full on this wedding malarkey would be so close to the wedding... and I'm very aware that in real life it's all I talk about and think about! I'm annoyed at myself that I didn't write… Continue reading Then to now: the vintage and pin up style