Trying out a ‘quick pin up’ hair style!

I am ever searching for a quick, easy pin up hairstyle that doesn’t take an hour to set, cool and brush! I just don’t have the time or necessarily the energy on my very few days off. A little while ago, I found a tutorial by Pin Up Ashley Marie on good ol’ YouTube and so I thought I would finally give it a go!

This look is almost like a poodle, with a barrel roll, except you can cover any imperfections with a hair scarf (perfect!)
Firstly, I started working on the barrel roll; I parted the front section of my hair in a ‘U’ shape and curled it with my 3/4 inch curling iron. I then gave it a tease (although I didn’t have my comb to hand, it wasn’t as good a tease as I wanted) and smoothed the top layer with my new smoothing brush (£2.99 from Superdrug!) and ran Suavecita pomade through the section. I wrapped the hair around my fingers and created the roll, then pinned with bobby pins.

Then it was time to curl the rest on my hair – the issue I have is I have a lot of long, thick hair and pin curling takes forever! So I was glad the tutorial didn’t call to pin the curls and I’d say it took me 20 minutes to curl it all. I thought if I did small sections I would have more curls to show once I pinned them on top of my head.
Once I had curled all of my hair, it was time to pin! I needed a lot of bobby pins!
I will be honest, it was a bit scary when I started pinning because it definitely did not look like Ashley Marie’s tutorial, but I put this down to having much longer hair than her. It just took a little bit more arranging and creating more uniform curls in the front to make it look half decent.

It wasn’t perfect, but I was hoping the scarf would pull everything together, and it did! I wore my ‘Doll Me Up’ nylon hair scarf in ‘burgundy’, to go with my outfit.  I was wearing my Collectif bardot boat-neck jumper, as well as my Collectif Monroe jeans – my favourite! I have recently re-purchased them as I had gone up a size and they are so comfy and flattering.  I really felt like a 1950s housewife, or something a bit more rockabilly maybe? Whatever look it was, I loved it!



What do you think? I would love to see any variations or re-creations from you guys!

What’s your favourite quick hairstyle to do?


The January Birchbox

January is well known as the most depressing month of the year – dark nights, low funds… but a little present to yourself could certainly give you something to look forward to!
This is a post fairly unrelated to all things vintage, but as you may have noticed I do love make up and beauty products, so I hope you can forgive me!
I have had a subscription to Birchbox for over a year now and I get quite excited when my box arrives! Birchbox is the ‘UK’s number one beauty box’, where they send you five personalised beauty items every month. They take into consideration your skin type, hair and style, so not every customer gets the same items. The box retails for £10 per month plus P&P and due to the variety of brands, some luxury, I think this is well worth the price!

The box allows you to try samples of these beauty treats and includes one full size item also, then you are able to buy them through the Birchbox shop with a 10% discount! The Birchbox shop often has offers running so it is worth checking and they stock a wide range of well known brands.

They often collaborate with different businesses and designers, where they help design the boxes and offer discounts on their own websites.


This month, Birchbox sent out a collaboration with ‘Ohh Deer‘, a british stationery brand that offers quirky gifts, with the theme of ‘Stand Tall’ – embracing yourself. Each box comes with a guide to the products received, as well as a sneak peak for the following month. Inside the box there was a 20% off the ‘Ohh Deer’ website and 50% off your first order of their own ‘Papergang’ stationery box, as well as some ‘Ohh Deer’ stickers.

So, onto the beauty items!

  • Porefessional Pearl Primer (by Benefit Cosmetics)
  • Waterproof eyeliner in ‘Charcoal’ (by Marcelle)
  • Blusher crayon in ‘Peach’ (by Lord & Berry)
  • Manketti Hair Oil (by Charlotte Mensah)
  • Amazing make up remover cloth (by Afterspa)

My aim for this post was to use every product to show you how they worked on me, and I almost did…
I was very excited to see a sample of the brand new Benefit Porefessional Pearl Primer, I have been wanting to try this and was going to purchase it myself! So, I was able to try before I buy! If you’ve read my previous post about my make-up routine, you’ll know I love the original Porefessional primer, but as I sometimes suffer from dry and dull skin, I was hoping for good things with this new edition.

I applied it to the usual places – nose and pore areas as well as chin and centre of forehead. Considering I had finished a weekend night shift at work, my skin was thirsty and dull so I wasn’t expecting miracles but I was pleasantly surprised. The product itself has a pearl look to it but doesn’t look shiny on the skin, as Benefit describe it as a soft matte finish. My skin did look a little brighter and, as with the original formula, my pores were very much minimised! See what you think from the pictures above! Once I had the rest of my make up on, I was really pleased with the performance of the primer; my make up sat well on my skin and stayed well all night.

I then carried on with the rest of my make up, I tried a eyeshadow colour out of my comfort-zone and was pleased with those results too! I added the eyeliner to my waterline and above my lashes on my upper lid. I have recieved and used this product before but in a different shade and have really enjoyed it, it is pigmented and stays put – all you could ask for in a pencil eyeliner!

I was planning on using the blush crayon, just to try it out as I was sceptical about a blush in this form, but I got carried away getting ready for my evening that I completely forgot to use it! I got the colour Peach – I have swatched it on my hand, it appears to be a peachy coral which blends into a sheer colour (the leaflet describes it as buildable). I’m sure I will try it in the future but I know I will not use it that often, it’s just not my cup of tea as I find they don’t sit well on my foundation/powder.

My make up using the primer and eyeliner…

I really enjoy the hair products sent from Birchbox, the hair oil included! It has a faint smell of lavender and really feels like its nourishing the hair without a greasy or sticky finish. My hair looked healthy and glossy after using it once with the only other product used being my heat protectant spray. I always apply oil on towel dried hair, before drying it with a hair dryer or letting it air dry and as I say, it works well for me.

The ‘amazing make up cloth’ I am very intrigued about and was looking forward to using as I find removing make up a tedious task, especially eyeliner and mascara! Unfortunately the night I was planning to use it, our washing machine had broken – the instructions call for the cloth to be washed before first use, so I am waiting for the next day I wear make up again! (Probably the weekend…)

I hope you found my product reviews helpful and if you haven’t subscribed to Birchbox already, I highly recommend you do – I have even found some of my favourite products this way! It really is like a surprise present from yourself every month!
Did you receive a Birchbox this month? How did you find the products?

B.A.I.T Rosalinda shoes – my review!

I have a confession. I have had, in the past, a small addiction to shoes. There is just something about a good pair of heels that I just can’t resist. As I’ve grown older with more financial responsibility, I don’t buy shoes as much as I would like to! But I do hunt out some pretty good sale items…

B.A.I.T (But Another Innocent Tale) shoes are very well known in the vintage community and in my experience, a pretty hard to find brand here in the UK. I’ve admired them from afar, on Instagram and on my favourite pin up models and wished I could find an easily accessible and affordable pair! That is until I found them on Zulily. 
Zulily is a shopping website that hosts brand ‘events’, where the products have pretty good discounts and deals for a set amount of time (usually 72 hours). SayingImage result for bait rosalinda wildberry that, there are still some B.A.I.T styles on the site, so check them out! The shopping experience was easy and my item was tracked from the USA to the UK and arrived in just over a week or so. It was standard postage too, instead of international!
When I found B.A.I.T shoes on the website, I was a little overwhelmed by the choices! After careful consideration, as well as Ross’ opinion, I settled on the ‘Rosalinda’ style in the colour ‘Wildberry’.
I have seen this style a few times now and have always been drawn to them. I think it’s the colour that I was attracted to the most – I love a good wine, burgundy, deep red colour! I also love the button detail, a homage to the old fashioned button style shoes. They are also made with faux leather; many B.A.I.T shoes, if not all of them, are vegan!
I was a little confused as to which size to get as they are in US sizes. I am a UK 5 or EU 38 and I found that not all conversion charts said the same thing, so I guessed I was a 8 or 8.5 (I like that they have half sizes!). I have previously bought Pin Up Couture shoes in a 7 which are too small so I decided to size up and get an 8.

I was over the moon when they arrived, they do fit! The heel is not too high (2 3/8 inches) and they are very comfortable. When first trying them on, they felt a little stiff and I perhaps could have gone half a size up, but as with any new shoes, they took a bit of wearing in. After wearing them with some thick socks, they were much better and felt confident with the size I chose.

IMG_8532I knew exactly what outfit I would want to wear this with, to compliment the colour! My red swing trousers from Dancing Days by Banned were perfect, also because the button detail at the back matched the style of the shoes. I think they would go well with fishtail pencil skirts and dresses that have a deep red tone to them or ivory and creams. I have a few outfit ideas in mind for the future with these pumps! I wore these shoes for most of the afternoon and were very comfortable, I would be happy to wear these all day!


The Rosalinda style also come in black, grey and moss green, therefore can suit whatever colour scheme you are looking for! I am so in love with these shoes, I am looking forward to buying more from B.A.I.T, I may have to start looking internationally for more styles!

Trying out a Gibson Roll!

I am certainly not one for the whole ‘new year, new me’ marlarky, but I am very much up for trying out new vintage hairstyles!

I have recently joined a couple of vintage-style Facebook groups such as the ‘Vintage Tips and Tricks’ (run by the wonderful Miss Bee Townsend) and ‘Vintage Updos for Modern Girls’, where the members chat and give each other tips and inspiration. I recently saw a picture of a Gibson roll, worn by a girl in a military uniform and I wanted to give it a go!
I found a video on YouTube by Cherry Dollface demonstrating a Gibson roll and decided to follow her instructions for my attempt. I decided I would do some victory rolls in the

I’m using – a comb (rat-tail), hair donut, bobby pins (lots of them!), hair spray and pomade.

front as well.

Firstly, I curled the ends of my hair – I like a good, quick hairstyle as I don’t always have time to set my hair and I knew adding some curl would help achieve the style. I worked on the victory rolls first – I then sectioned my hair from in front on my ears and tied the rest of my hair back. I teased each section and ran some Suavecita pomade through before rolling the ends around my fingers and rolling the curl on top of my head. The first roll for me is always the hardest!

I pinned my first attempt anyway and moved onto the other roll, I have more hair on this side and therefore can be more difficult to create the shape I want. After working on this side, I re-rolled the first attempt and it was much better! I used LOTS of tease and hairspray to keep them in place with only a couple of bobby pins in each roll.

Then it was time to try the Gibson roll! I found an old ‘hair donut’ that I rarely use anymore and decided to cut it to make a ‘hair rat’ (not sure why they are called that!). Straight away I knew my long hair would become an issue. It wound be so much easier if someone else would be able to roll my hair in the ‘rat’ but I had to try! I wasn’t too disappointed with my first attempt, but it certainly wasn’t tidy, as it looked like I had just stuffed my hair in the top of the roll (which I probably had to be honest).

So I decided to try again without trying to photograph my attempts. With more tucking and perfecting, I thought it looked much better, but wasn’t quite as I had hoped. I then pinned hair over the ends of the ‘hair rat’ to hide it, which again with long hair took a bit of time.

I did really like the final result, especially from the front! The back definitely isn’t as neat as I had wanted it to be, but for a first attempt, I didn’t think it looked too bad!


I posted a couple of these pictures on the ‘Vintage Updos’ Facebook page and got some good tips for next time, such as using flowers to decorate and conceal areas, using the tail of my comb to tuck in the ends of hair, using old hair to create a better ‘hair rat’, and trimming/sewing the ends of the donut to fit my head a little better, which I think would help as it seemed to be a bit long. Someone also mentioned a device that creates a Heidi roll, which is very similar and looks to be a handy tool!

I’m keen to try and perfect this roll, so I will keep trying as practice makes perfect! If you have any tips, I would love to hear them. What kind of hairstyle would you love to try?

Reflection & Hope

As 2017 draws to a close, I felt I should put my two pennies worth in for the new year spirit and reflect over my own past year.

So much has happened this year, all around the world and personally as well! I have continued to plan and organise for our up-coming wedding, I graduated after 6 years of hard work into a career I’ve always dreamed of and I am continuing to develop myself professionally as a fully fledged veterinary nurse. In fact, I will spending my new years eve at work, seeing in 2018!17884501_10155566755779059_2738841045899188229_n

I have also had to endure some hard times, as with any year passing it’s not been all roses! My mum, in the space of a short year, was diagnosed and cured of bowel cancer. In fact, this time last year she was very poorly and we were completely unsuspecting as to why! I never thought I would have to face the idea of my mum being poorly, no one really does. Mum’s are supposed to always be there for us, but during this year, I realised that my darkest fear was losing my mum. She has been lucky in that it had barely spread, the tumour was surgically removed and she has finished all her treatment now – all in the space of 6 months!
I often struggle with my mental health this time of year, because of less daylight maybe and difficult events that have happened in previous years, but I always look around me and feel so lucky to have my family and friends. 20800232_10155782012834059_8668174964598221548_n
Although I have only recently started this blog,  it has been a wonderful outlet of my creativity and given me something to focus on, with my passion for vintage things! It can be so easy to get absorbed in my job and get stuck in a monotonous rut, but my blog has helped me develop my skills already and it allows me to share my passion with you! I had no idea anyone would read this humble blog of mine and everyone I’ve spoken to about it has been so encouraging!
I have lots of ideas for this blog in the new year and I hope it will continue to be something for people to enjoy.
I have no new years resolutions this time, as I think wedding planning will be enough to be getting on with! But my main plan alongside the wedding planning is to continue to writing and creating this blog.

Before I sign off, I thought I would add a little bit of vintage back into this post and share with you my outfit/look of the day! My lovely sister-in-law to be – Katie – made me this gorgeous skirt for Christmas and I absolutely love it! Paired with thick tights (of course, it’s freezing in the UK) and my favourite collectif cardigan. I also tried a 3/4 inch curling iron Ross bought me for Christmas today and I think I need to use a higher heat setting as my curls brushed out quite softly, but I liked to soft wave and put some pin curls in the front.


 I hope you all have had a lovely Christmas and I hope you all have a fantastic 2018! See you on the other side!

Mini Winter Lookbook!

Christmas is fast sneaking up on us! I usually aim to post on a Tuesday but the days are escaping me, so Wednesday it is!

I really wanted to do a autumn/winter lookbook with what I have in my wardrobe but then I realised I don’t have an awful lot in that category, but it has made me decide what I need to expand my wardrobe for the colder weather – bring on the January sales!

You will notice that I actually have one main theme for winter – tartan. I don’t have much that isn’t tartan, it is definitely something I’m drawn to!

Dolores top by Collectif, trousers from Dancing Days by Banned, shoes – Pin Up Couture

As you may have noticed from my previous posts, I have a love of Collectif clothing and one of my favourite pieces is the Dolores top. The cut is slightly cropped so it goes well with high waisted skirts and trousers, the sweetheart neckline is also very flattering. They come in a range of colours and patterns and go with everything!
The trousers are so comfortable and also flattering. The bow in the front is a lovely feminine feature and they also have a button feature at the back, which reminds me of mafia/1920’s style suits!


Dolores top by Collectif, jeans by Lady K Loves, Converses


img_7981-2.jpgSpeaking of the Dolores tops, here’s another one of mine in a navy colour! This is my go-to everyday look in the winter, as when I am feeling lazy I reach for a t-shirt and jeans, this suits me well when I want to look more put together!
Again, I have mentioned these Lady K Jeans before, they are very flattering and accentuates my curves well. I wear them turned up at the bottom with my converses (my favourite!) for a casual look. To add to this outfit, I also reached for another staple in my wardrobe – my (faux) leather jacket. It definitely adds a rockabilly vibe!




Top from River Island, Skirt from Collectif, Shoes from Miss L Fire

This outfit I have worn a few times to meals out, I love the tartan pattern and feel this can help steer away from looking too ‘officey’! There are many tops you can pair this with, I would say this outfit is more modern with a twist of vintage, but pair it with some warm tights and a blazer or cardigan and you are ready for an autumn evening! You may have noticed I am practicing my pin up poses in this picture…


Top by Collectif, trousers from Dancing Days by Banned

Again, this outfit is a bit officey, but I have nothing to pair these gorgeous trousers with for a casual look! A cute black sweater or a slash neck top would be perfect in my opinion, added to my wish list! But I love these trousers so much, I couldn’t not put them in as they are perfect for winter. You can see how I styled these trousers differently in my previous post.


Cardigan and top by Collectif, skirt from Hell Bunny

This is one of my favourite outfits, I love the colours and how this simple black circle skirt can be so versatile! This cardigan is, if I remember correctly, my first vintage style garment and is my most worn item. It goes with everything and I have a thing for nautical style (clues in the name!).
I thought I would demonstrate the difference a petticoat makes with this outfit, as though it may take a bit of confidence to wear, they are so much fun and adds an extra something to a skirt or dress! They come in a wide range of colours and many brands sell them – I have Hell Bunny ones which are very soft and voluminous, but I also have Lindy Bop ones which aren’t as big and have a slip underneath for added comfort. I am wearing a Lindy Bop one in the picture below!


Dress by Hell Bunny, petticoat by Lindy Bop

Now this, must be my most worn, most loved dress in my wardrobe. This has been worn at Christmas dinners and a Christmas party! The fabric itself is very soft and I would recommend wearing this with a petticoat. It’s the best dress for twirling in! It certainly wears well with my Hell Bunny winter coat and with boleros and shrugs for added warmth.

So there is my small, tartan filled lookbook!
As I mentioned I try to post every Tuesday but seeing as Christmas day falls on a Monday, this will be my last post before the big day! I doubt I will be posting anything on Boxing Day, but I’m not ruling it out! So watch this space.
I will tell you, I doubt I will be dressing up for Christmas day as I have done in the past few years, as this is our first Christmas at home for a while and with my hectic schedule I am looking forward to wearing jeans, a jumper and some festive slipper socks! How glamourous!

I have enjoyed writing this blog in the past few months and am so pleased so many of you have been enjoying it too. I am hoping to improve the site in the new year and have lots of ideas for the future!

Let me know if any of you are planning vintage looks for Christmas, I would love to hear about them!

I am wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


The Christmas Party!

I am writing this on Sunday evening, under a blanket, on the sofa – slightly hungover and reminiscing about last night, my work Christmas party.

For some, a work Christmas do may be a small affair, and some businesses don’t have one, but our Christmas party seems to be the event of the year! Instead of having colleagues, a lot of the people I work with, if not all of them, see us all as one big family. Working at a veterinary practice, we all see more of each other than our own families most of the time. We work long, unsociable hours and this is the one night of the year we all get together, out of uniform and have one big knees up! Dinner, drinks and dancing all night long!

For me, it is a great excuse to dress up in full, glamourous vintage style, as well as an excuse to buy a new dress for the occasion! This year was no different, I have been planning my look for over a month.

I was working until 1 o’clock on Saturday afternoon, which left me around 4-5 hours to get ready. I got home and pin curled my hair early in the afternoon to give it extra time to set. I just did my standard pin curl set, just as I did in a previous post. I then pottered around the house until it was time to do my make up. I was planning to do a ‘get ready with me’ style post, but I ran out of time to record any of the things I did! I felt like I had plenty of time but took a while doing my make up, so I only had half an hour to brush out my hair and get dressed!

Despite being rushed towards the end, I felt my look came together pretty well, though I wish I had more time to fiddle with my hair.

For my make up, I thought I would do a classic, Christmassy gold eyes and red lip. I used the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe eyeshadow palette, which had a lovely bronzed gold colour, then applied some Urban Decay Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner in ‘Midnight Cowboy’ to make the look a little more festive! I also bought some false eyelashes especially for the occasion – I’m still quite new to falsies, but these stayed on all night! They are the Tatti lashes in style TL24, they are very long and wispy! They were much bigger than I anticipated, but I went with it and really enjoyed some dramatic lashes! The rest of my make up application was the same as my normal make up routine, the red lip was The Balm ‘Loyal’ liquid lipstick.

You may recognise my outfit from my My Birthday Retro Haul! post, the full skirted dress from Hell Bunny is a fabulous dress to dance in! It is perfect for when the DJ plays the Grease megamix! I received a lot of compliments and I loved wearing it.
I wasn’t planning on buying new shoes,  but I stumbled across these beauties on eBay, from the vintage reproduction brand Miss L Fire. They are called ‘Starlet’ and I can seeImage result for miss l fire starlet why – it is Hollywood glamour in a shoe. I loved the Lucite heel, very Cinderella like! They are also the most comfortable high heeled shoes I own now, my feet didn’t hurt once all night, impressive!
My coat was given to me by a friend – a very lovely, generous friend! The coat is from Hell Bunny also, I walked to the train station in it that evening and it was very warm.


Being a Chef, Ross works the majority of December and has missed the last few years of Christmas party meals, but he usually manages to come over for the dancing and to take me home! He turned up looking very handsome in his suit and we were very lucky to be able to have some pictures taken. It was lovely to actually be able to spend some time with him at this busy time of year!

So, another Christmas party has passed and the big day itself is only two weeks away. Time is flying past, but I am already looking forward to next years party. Let me know if you wore a vintage style dress to your festive parties, or what dress you would love to wear if you could!



My Go-To Vintage Make Up Routine!

I absolutely love the transformation that make-up creates. There used to be a time I would never leave the house without some foundation and mascara, but as I’ve grown older and more confident, I leave make up for my days off from work and evenings out.

To be completely honest with you, previous (bad) relationships of mine meant that I wasn’t actually allowed to wear make up, so when I started dating Ross, I fell back in love with the whole process! Despite the negative situation, it actually made me appreciate make up more and it is something I do for myself and not for any man or anyone else for that matter! In the last five years or so, make up has become my hobby and I love it.

Today I thought I would share with you my everyday, vintage style make up routine. I actually enjoy modern and contemporary make up more than authentic looks but whenever I dress retro, this is my make up I wear with it!


First things first, I always moisturise and prime my skin before applying foundation- a good base to start with ensures a flawless finish!  I use Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional primer, which is silicon based and minimises the appearance of pores and fine lines. I have large pores around my nose, so I apply the primer here mainly and on my forehead.


Then I apply my foundation, which sits nicely on top of the primer. I have tried several foundations over the years and recently splashed out and bought the Lancome Teint Idole foundation. It’s the most expensive foundation I have ever bought, but it is the best one I’ve tried! I have dry skin and this one doesn’t cling to my dry patches and it’s full coverage so hides imperfections well! It also has a velvet matte finish. Coverage and finish is a personal preference and a sheer to medium coverage is likely to be more authentic to a vintage look, but as I say I like modern make up and prefer a full coverage/matte look!
I apply this using a Morphe M439 brush and apply all over the face, ears and neck to blend well.


A recent purchase of mine has changed my concealer game – the Tarte Shape-Tape Concealer! This thing can hide the darkest of circles! I apply this on my eyelids as well as under my eyes; this primes my eyelids ready for eyeshadow later. I then apply to the centre my forehead, nose and chin to highlight, which again is a modern technique. I use a colour a shade or two lighter than my actual colour, to brighten these areas – I am in the shade ‘fair’. I blend this out with a damp beauty sponge for a flawless finish – a damp sponge makes sure it soaks up minimal product! Make sure not to use too much of this product, a little goes a long way!
Another great product is the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer, which I had been using before the Tarte one.


Setting powder, Bronzer and Blush

I then set the areas I concealed with, using No7 translucent setting powder to prevent the concealer from creasing. I then applied a light layer of powder over the rest of my face.IMG_7741
Next, I use one of my favourite products – the Benefit Cheek Parade palette! It has two bronzers (Hoola and Hoola Lite) and three blushes (Dandelion, Galifornia and Rockateur). I use Hoola Lite because I am a fair complexion and anything too ‘bronzed’ looks dark and muddy on me! In better weather, I sometimes mix the two bronzers together. I apply this to just under my hair line, under my cheek bone and along my jaw line (in a ‘3’ motion). By going under my cheek bone, it creates contour and definition. I then use the Dandelion blush, applied to the apples of my cheeks which I flick upwards.



I have only recently started filling in my brows, purely because I have quite shapely and full eyebrowIMG_7755[329]s. I would get them waxed every so often but I had never tried it so I didn’t think it was necessary. However, after visiting the Benefit brow bar and trying the ‘Gimme Brow’ gel, I saw what a difference brow products make!
I have been using the goof-proof brow pencil by Benefit Cosmetics, but as my eyebrows where already full, I felt like I needed something a little more ‘precise’ to create the shape I wanted (my arch is naturally slightly more forward than it should be) – so I am currently using the ‘Precisely My Brow Pencil’ in shade 4. I then use a little of my foundation and a concealer type brush to clean up the edges of my brow then set using the Benefit ‘Ready, Set, Brow’ gel.
And remember! As the saying goes – brows are sisters, not twins!



I have lots of different eyeshadow palettes I use for lots of different looks, but for rIMG_7744etro, I go for the Too Faced Chocolate Bon-Bons palette. It has a lot of cool tones, which I seem to reach for more and you can create a variety of looks with it. When it comes to vintage, I use the shadows to contour my eyes and add some definition. I start by applying the white shadow (divinity) all over my eye lid and up to my brow IMG_7746bone to create a base to blend the rest of the shadows on to. Then I use the colour ‘almond truffle’ on a fluffy brush in the crease of my eye. On top of this, I add ‘Mocha’ to add some dimension. Then on a more dense brush, I deepen the outer corner of my eye using ‘Malted’, this helps me create a good base for a ‘cat eye’ look with my eyeliner!

This is a very basic and matte look, but this is my everyday style – I like to add some colour or glitter for special events and occasions!


Eyeliner and Mascara

A winged eyeliner can fill any novice full of dread, even I have bad eyeliner days! But I have to say, the eyeliner I use was a game changer and I rarely have an issue now! The Kat Von D tattoo liner in ‘Trooper’ is a felimg_7748-e1512420804421.jpgt tip liner pen with a very precise tip, so you have a lot more control!
Everyone has their own way to draw liner – I managed to capture my way fairly well on camera! I firstly draw a line from where I want the flick to end, drawing down towards to outer corner of my eye. Here’s a tip that I have learnt over the years, however tempting it is, DO NOT pull on the corner of your eye! Chances are that your line will not be straight once you’ve stopped pulling on the skin! In the picture below I am steadying the area, not pulling. Also, try to keep your eye open when drawing the flick, so you can see how it will look when your eye is open instead of closed!
Then, I draw another line to create a triangle, or the full point of the flick. I then line the rest of my eye and connect the triangle with the rest of the line and thicken if necessary. Eyeliner takes practice, so be patient if you struggle!


I then apply a good coat of mascara and, if it’s a special occasion, some false eyelashes! My favourite mascara is the Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash, it helps give your lashes some curl!



Lipstick is the cherry on the cake! Especially a good red!

I always line my lips as it helps define and lock in lipstick for longer. I use Rimmel London lip liners, the one I am using is a bit darker than my actual lipstick, but this can give dimension to your lips (also I couldn’t find a matching liner!). I line my lips first, then fill in the rest.
‘Normal’ lipsticks are a more authentic look, especially a creamy lipstick that has some shine to it, rather than a matte finish. I personally like a lipstick that lasts well, so my favourite is a liquid lipstick by The Balm! It’s called ‘Meet Matt(e) Hughes’ in the shade ‘Loyal’ and yes it is a matte finish, but it lasts so well, even when eating and drinking! It also smells like mint choc chip ice cream, yum! The Balm Cosmetics also have a pin up look to their packaging, which is a bit of an added bonus!

Lastly, I lock in my look using a make up setting spray – my favourite is the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray, but I’m all out at the moment! Instead I have been using the Maybelline Super Stay 24hr spray, which sets well, but the spray function is a little harsh so take care when using and hold well away!

I hope you have enjoyed reading and hopefully learning from my make up application! I am no professional but I have had a lot of practice over the years and always feel confident when I have my face on and dressing up in vintage styles!

Christmas gift guide for the vintage gal!

Christmas is around the corner!

I feel like the vintage scene is growing to more and more people, whether someone likes to dress up in full pin up, petticoats and all or likes to add more of a hint of vintage to their style. So here are a few things that I have spotted over the last couple of years to help inspire you for gift giving this year!

Dollface Vintage by Cherry Dollface

To start us off, here is something off my Christmas list this year (not hinting at all!)
Dollface Vintage is described as ‘an everyday girls guide to a vintage lifestyle’ and is the first book written by one of my favourite pin up models, Cherry Dollface. As I have previously mentioned, I have learnt so much from watching her Youtube tutorials and she has been a big part of my own vintage style! So I was very excited to hear about this book. In it, she covers everything from hair and make up to decorating your house and throwing parties. I think this would be a fantastic book for any aspiring retro ladies! You can find it here at PRE-SALE Dollface Vintage by Cherry Dollface


Vintage Hairstyling by Lauren Rennells

I have seen this book almost everywhere since starting my own vintage journey!  This book has been described as ‘The Bible’ of Vintage Hairstyles and covers almost everything, from pin curls to finger waves and covers style from the 1930’s to the 1960’s, so a very versatile book!
Similarly, check out the Retro Makeup Book, also by Lauren Rennells!

The Sculpture pin curl tool set

This is something I have had some interest in when I was learning to pin curl and especially when I was having difficulties with my victory rolls! It is based on an actual styling tool used in the mid century era. Although I managed to learn by myself, this tool does appear to be an easy way to achieve authentic pin curls and I think this would benefit anyone who is starting out, I still think I could benefit when I have my bad hair days!

The set comes with a booklet written by Lauren Rennells (she seems to do a lot of this stuff!) which explains the forms and uses of pin curls and styling them, as well as a framable poster with 80+ sketches of vintage hairstyles.

This set can be found in the gift section of, as well as a variety of other gift ideas!



Vintage style jewellery

I haven’t specified a type of jewellery because there are so many options to choose from and is of course based on the persons individual style, but from pearl earrings and necklaces, to feature pieces, there is a lot of beautiful vintage style jewellery to be found!

One brand in particular I have seen is Splendette – based here in the UK, they create vintage inspired jewellery including brooches, earrings and necklaces, but in particular their bangles interest me the most!
Image result for splendette uk imagesMiss Victory Violet, another of my favourite models,  has a deep love of Splendette bangles and I can certainly see why! From bold colours to glitters, Splendette seems to do it all! But, if you have teeny-tiny wrists like me and rarely wear bracelets, they also do smaller sized bangles called ‘Maiden Bangles’ with a diameter of 5.8cm! All their items are reasonably priced too, so I urge you to check them out! Although I haven’t any myself, I am certainly treating myself in the future!

I also recommend having a look at the vintage reproduction websites for ideas, such as – they are my all time favourite retro company and have a great selection of bags, hats, jewellery, sunglasses and other lovely gifting ideas and when in doubt, get a gift voucher!
If you are in the Suffolk area (UK), pop into Pocket Watch and Petticoats – my favourite local vintage style shop! Situated in Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich, they have a great variety of clothes and accessories and they also sell gift vouchers! The staff in both shops are so helpful, friendly and enthusiastic, I highly recommend you visit!

I hope these ideas were helpful to you! What sort of retro items do you want for Christmas?
Hopefully more festive themed posts on the way for the month of December!


Our trip to Camden Town! (plus dress update!)

Last Thursday, Ross and I took a little trip to the big city! Our trip to London was mainly because I had booked an appointment to take my vintage dress to a seamstress near Kings Cross station, but it was also a good excuse to go to our favourite place – Camden!

Camden is the place to be if you are into alternative lifestyles – vintage, rockabilly, goth, IMG_7337punk, the list goes on! The high street is full of shops advertising tattoos and piercings and alternative fashions such as New Rock boots and corsets. But down by the lock is my favourite place, the Stable markets. There are lots of true vintage shops that span from the 40’s and 50’s fashion, all the way up to the 90’s. There are also knick-knack shops, antiques, handmade jewellery and so on.

We parked at Westfield in Stratford and took the tube to our first stop, Kings Cross station, where on a street nearby I had the appointment with my vintage dress I bought recently.
So after my vintage purchase, I found this shop on the internet called Splendid Stitches on Hastings Street. Their website explains ‘Our expertise spans alterations such as re-sizings or shortening hems on vintage dresses, over repairs such as changing broken zips, fixing rips and patches, to replacing old linings, or refashioning something new out of something old.’ As my dress is rather fragile in places and of course quite old, I felt this was the best place to go! After emailing them with pictures of my dress, I got a reply from Nanna who agreed it was a fragile piece and would need to examine the dress to agree what work needed doing. Although they do ‘postal repairs’, Nanna recommended coming to the shop to possibly have a fitting and discuss the work required, which I was more than happy to do.

I met Nanna at the studio and was amazed at her knowledge of vintage garments! She was very enthusiastic and helpful when talking about the work required on my dress. She asked how much my budget would be as she would try to work within that budget and let me know if she felt work was needed exceeding the budget. She also asked if I had an event to wear this to as she could try to work within this time limit, but although I had considered wearing this so my work’s Christmas party, I thought it was too delicate for such a… full on occasion! So I think I will save it for a vintage event next year, so there was an unlimited time frame for her to work with. Nanna said she would be able to post the dress back to me 2nd class recorded once the work was done. I felt more than happy with choosing her to renovate the dress and so now I am waiting to hear back from her! I will keep you up to date in future posts!

So after the appointment, it was lunchtime and so time to visit the food market in Camden! There are lots of stands offering a wide variety of food; halloumi fries, steak and chips, burritos and lots of vegan options (good to know!). Ross and I opted for Vietnamese and found ‘Hanoi Kitchen’, serving a choice of Bun rice noodle pots or Bun style baguettes – Ross had the baguette, I had the noodles!

We both had pulled pork fillings and both really enjoyed our food! It was fragrant and flavourful, so we can recommend! After we had finished, we decided we should fulfil our Camden tradition and get some Churros for dessert!

After we finished eating, it was time to explore. I found the Collectif Clothing store, which has just been nominated for ‘best market trader’ in the Camden Inspire Awards. As it is nearly Christmas and money is a little tight this time of year, I sadly wasn’t able to buy anything, but I do love looking at all the fabulous clothes! Their store is over 2 floors and has a wide range of stock, it was great to see the clothes in real life rather than online! I highly recommend visiting.
We visited the vintage shops ‘downstairs’ in the Stable market which are full of Levi jeans, worn converses and band t-shirts. Then I found ‘The Arc’ on the ground level near the back of the market, which has an incredible stock of ‘The Pretty Dress Company’ and other 40’s/50’s fashions! I will certainly be returning!

You can honestly spend hours wandering around the markets here, I am sure it is my favourite place in London. To make it more sentimental, Ross proposed at the Roundhouse venue in Camden 3 years ago during a meet and greet with the band Daughtry! It just seems right that we got engaged in this wonderful part of the city.