What’s Happening with A&S?

Well this is certainly a long time, no see! I must apologise for my unannounced hiatus from Anchors & Swallows. I would love to give you some good excuses for why I’ve not continued to write on this blog, but for a while, I didn’t know why myself. When I started Anchors & Swallows, IContinue reading “What’s Happening with A&S?”

The Pin Up Parcel: Review

Well, if there were ever a time that I could sit down and write on Anchors & Swallows, this would be it!I hope you are all keeping well during these uncertain times. I have been isolating after a cold and now been distancing for a total of 2 weeks. Luckily, I have my blog toContinue reading “The Pin Up Parcel: Review”

Current Favourites

Having a break from Anchors & Swallows, has given me a new desire to dress vintage. I get the same satisfaction to transform my face as I do to dress up! I am looking forward to creating and getting back into the swing of things. Make up has been an escape for me, for aContinue reading “Current Favourites”

Looking Back on 2019

I always do a lot of reflection this time of year, and I can only assume other people do too! I’m sure many of you who know me may understand, my 2019 did not go as I had planned. My illness landed me in hospital twice and I will never really know why. However, IContinue reading “Looking Back on 2019”

My Cruelty Free Make Up Routine

It has been well over a year since I shared with you my make up routine – a lot of things have changed! Using cruelty free has become the most important choice of the products I use in any part of my life now. This is due to my career as a veterinary nurse andContinue reading “My Cruelty Free Make Up Routine”

Changing My Outlook [Life Update]

I am sitting here, writing this on a Sunday afternoon, feeling accomplished. I have been shopping, baked some cakes and prepared a roast dinner. It’s not every day I feel so satisfied; I often feel like I haven’t done enough with my free time. But I am reflecting and appreciating how I feel in thisContinue reading “Changing My Outlook [Life Update]”

A Visit to Pocket Watch & Petticoats

In my beginnings of exploring vintage style, it took a lot of time and effort to grow my collection of clothes. If I wanted to expand my then small wardrobe, I would need to hop on a train to London, or browse extensively online. Being a country girl from Suffolk, the local vintage community wasContinue reading “A Visit to Pocket Watch & Petticoats”

My Current Skincare Routine [feat. Tropic Skincare]

Ever since I was a spotty teenager, I have been looking for the perfect skincare routine. I remember my mum buying me my first skin care set from The Body Shop and her teaching me how to apply each product. My road to good skin has been a long one and after all these yearsContinue reading “My Current Skincare Routine [feat. Tropic Skincare]”

The New Body Shop Matte Lip Butter!

It’s no secret that I am a fan of The Body Shop; their wide range of products good quality and cruelty free. I fell in love with the liquid lip paints about a year ago and continue to wear them regularly. So when I heard they had released a the new Matte Lip Butter, IContinue reading “The New Body Shop Matte Lip Butter!”

High Street Vintage Style

With September fast approaching, it feels like summer is drawing to a close. So what better time than to share with you some summer high street vintage style! I was obviously supposed to write this a few months ago, but as always, life got in the way… I have seen so much high street fashionContinue reading “High Street Vintage Style”

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