What’s in my Vintage Suitcase?

I am afraid the name of this post is a little deceptive. Alas, I do not own a vintage suitcase. As I am currently packing for our honeymoon – two weeks in the states – I really wouldn’t want to bring a vintage suitcase, give me wheels please!
We are heading to Las Vegas first, a decision strongly influenced by Ross’ love of the show ‘Sin City Motors’ (I love it too, rat rods are awesome!), though sadly a month too late for Viva. After a week, we then move on to Los Angeles and THIS is where aaaall the vintage shopping is likely to take place…

Anyway, as I have been planning outfits for our trip for a little while, I thought I would share with you a few of the things I am taking with me for my stateside travels for a vintage gal. Or more rockabilly for this trip!

High waisted shorts

As an English lady, I have never been subjected to the desert temperatures of Las Vegas, so it will definitely be a new experience for me! I decided not to bring my circle skirts and so I have opted for a more rockabilly/casual look and will be mixing and matching high waisted shorts and vests/tops. I have a couple of more modern skirts/dresses in the suitcase too, but for my more vintage styles, I plan to wear accessories and my hair in rolls with a bandana to jazz up the clothes I am bringing!


A photo from a few years back, but shows I love the versatility of high waisted shorts!


Evening dresses

There are only two vintage style dresses I am bringing with me for evening wear, mainly because they will take up so much space! The first dress I have already featured on my blog, when I wore it for a Christmas Party. It has a built in petticoat layer and is to me a typical ‘little back dress’ and so will be good for evenings out.
The other dress you may have seen on my Instagram, if you follow me there. When I saw it, I knew I had to have it – the Collectif Dolores Vegas Vamp dress! It literally has Vegas written on the dress! It’s not a print I would normally go for, but I was dressed up in the vintage shop by one of the lovely ladies there, complete with red petticoat and red belt. I totally fell in love with it! I so wanted to take a petticoat away with us, but as we are limited for space I decided against it. I do have the belt though, which will help create a similar shape!20180317_190251.jpg

Shoes and accessories

As I have kept my outfit choices quite simple, I am relying on accessories to jazz everything up! Plus, I have a list of shops I want to visit while I’m there – I’ll be sure to report back on the blog!

Throwback photo, but wearing bandana, roll and cherry hoops!

So, I am taking a couple of hair flowers and a bandana, as well as ALL the pin curl clips I own, pomade and a mini hairspray! Luckily this all fits into one fairly small cosmetics bag. As for jewellery, I’m not quite sure where I will be putting these – probably in the ‘hair’ bag, but I will be taking my small pearl studs, gold hoops and my cherry hoops – got to have options, plus pearls and hoops scream vintage/rockabilly to me!
I haven’t yet decided which shoes I am taking, but I am wearing flats on the plane, I have a pair of wedges that would be a good day-to-night option, as well as nude heeled sandals, flat sandals and flip flops. I am taking the old-faithful converses for my ‘lots of walking’ shoes, plus goes well with the rockabilly look. I feel like I might be bringing too many… but as we are putting everything in the case tomorrow, my options might change!



Skincare and cosmetics

Although I am a make up junkie, I don’t think I will be wearing an awful lot of make up. As I am predicting I will be sweating it off most of the time, I will reserve it for my more dressed up plans! But I have purchased a tinted moisturiser to wear when I am wanting to wear something to even out my skin (and probably to conceal my sunburn!).
I researched hard before choosing a sheer foundation and settled on the Jouer Matte Moisture Skin Tint. This is my first product by Jouer, who are cruelty free, and I have been very pleased with it! The few times I have tested it out, I have noticed it stays well, makes my skin look amazing and shows my freckles! Although I bought the shade ‘Porcelain’, it is slightly darker on me, but it actually makes me look a little tanned and bronze-y. As long as I blend it well, it looks good! It might even match if I develop a tan… which is HIGHLY unlikely. But y’know, I can keep hoping!
Another product I have bought and am very pleased with is the Body Shop vitamin E facial spray, which offers quick hydration. I know how drying planes can be on skin, as well as the blazing sun while we are visiting, so I wanted to make sure my poor dry skin doesn’t become even worse! I had intended to take my GlamGlow ThirstyMud, but I am literally about to run out and I want to use it the morning of the wedding! So when I saw this nifty little bottle, I thought it was worth a try! I have been using it every day and it does give me skin a little boost, plus you can use it over make up!

Sun cream

You may have gathered that I am a proper pale English girl. I am the shade of paper for most of the hawaiian tropic.jpgyear, but when the sun is out, I burn. Badly.
My favourite sun screen is Hawaiian Tropic, because it smells so good! Plus it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave me feeling greasy. I managed to track down some factor 50 (seriously, I will burn if not!) as well as a travel size as well – so when we reach the Grand Canyon, I won’t be stranded when I need to reapply! I am ready for the sun… I hope.


Have you got any packing essentials for vintage styling? Or for the desert weather?

Though this was a short post today, I was determined to write one more post before I got off and get married! I will be absent from this blog now until mid-June, but if you want to see what I’m getting up to, check out my Instagram and watch out for state-side pics!

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I am a twenty-something vintage lover who is trying to find the time out of work to dress up and feel more glamorous!

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