Testing the Suavecita spray and pomade!

My hairstyle has progressed from pony tails and barrel rolls to pin curling and brush outs over the last 5 years or so, but it still something I am trying to improve. Because I have a contemporary hair cut with layers, it is difficult to achieve an authentic hairstyle, which is why I have the same style in most of my photos! From watching many YouTube hair tutorials, I have repeatedly seen the Suavecita pomade being used to help create lots of styles and so for the purpose of this blog, I finally thought I should give it a go!IMG_7147

I have been using a basic pin curl pattern and brush out for over a year or so now and would love to try different styles in the future but for testing my new products I thought I should continue to use my go-to pin curl set to see if it makes a difference.

From looking at the different products to chose from, I decided on the pomade which I have seen used countless times and also the grooming spray which has been advertised to help set curls. The Suavecita website says they designed the pomade ‘to have a great hold to ensure easy styling of victory rolls and waves or to tame frizziness and fly aways’, whereas the grooming spray ‘can be used on it’s own to dampen your hair and help set your curls, or with our fine Suavecita Pomade for extra hold’.

img_7325.jpgTo style my hair, I also used – my denman hair brush, a rat-tail comb, pin curl clips (available in most shops, I got mine from superdrug!), my nume 1 inch curling wand and hairspray.

My hair is naturally wavy/curly, I find it easier to style my hair when it is straighter, so it is easier to section.  I always prep my hair with a heat protection spray before heat styling it. I create my curls with a IMG_7099curling wand, as it is quicker than wet setting and because my hair is so thick it would take forever to dry, even an overnight set!

To start, I made sure I had a straight side parting. I sectioned my hair using the tail of my comb in to approximately 1 inch sections, starting from the top of my head. For every section, I curled my hair down and pinned the curl in an upward position instead of pinning flat to my head, to create more volume. Before curling each section, I sprayed the hair with the grooming spray to help hold the curl.

Once I had curled all of my hair, I gave it one last all over spritz with the grooming spray. I would normally  leave my hair to cool down for half an hour or so, but I got carried away doing jobs around the house, so an hour and a half later I started carefully taking the pin curl clips out. Once all the clips were removed, I had big poodle hair! This is completely normal – when I first started pin curling my hair, the brush out terrified me because it looks so crazy! It is a case of having patience and just keep brushing! Go with what your hair wants to do, don’t fight it. After removing all the clips, I began running my fingers through the curls to break them up and create more volume!

Then it was time to tame the curls! I began to gently brush through the top section of my hair and smooth it out. I then brushed the curls together, holding them in one hand and brushing with the other to help sculpt the curls together and not brush them straight out of my hair. I found the curls held much better than normal and there was less frizz believe it or not – I think this is down to the grooming spray!

Once I brushed most of the hair into the shape I wanted, I started to work on the front sections of my hair, to create a swoop, or an ‘S’ wave – a iconic 50’s look. I backcombed the crown of my head gently to create a little more volume and then smoothed the top of the crown out so it wasn’t frizzy from the backcombing. I then teased the front sections of my hair at the base. Then, using the pomade, I smoothed my hair and manipulated the curls how I wanted them to sit. It came together much quicker than it normally would, with less effort! I could instantly see the frizz and fly aways disappear.
I worked a bit more on the volume in the front on my hair, I would normally use duck-bill clips to help hold it in place with the hairspray dries, but mine have unfortunately broken and I need to buy some more, but with more teasing and a lot of hair spray, it was sitting pretty well.


I was very pleased with the result of this set and I could really see the difference in using the grooming spray and the pomade. The hold of the spraIMG_7309y really helps set the curl longer and does not leave the hair feeling crispy or dry. The same goes for the pomade, which helped sculpt the hair the way I wanted it to sit, gave great hold and again did not leave my hair feeling crispy at all. As a bonus, both products smell amazing! I really look forward to using these products more in the future and I want to see how they help in setting victory rolls and other more intricate styles that I want to attempt.

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I am a twenty-something vintage lover who is trying to find the time out of work to dress up and feel more glamorous!

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