Trying Out a Wet Set!

There is a bit of a re-occurring theme on my blog, I love a quick vintage hairstyle… which also translates as ‘lazy’! My hair is so thick and long at the moment, it takes forever to do anything with, unless it’s straightening, curling the ends, or my go to is a pony tail! When I was curling my hair for my last post, I realised it took SO long for the whole process, that perhaps overnight curls were the answer.

I have avoided wet sets up until this point, because my hair is so thick and I have so much of it, it takes forever to dry. I have a vague memory of trying a wet set way back in the beginning of my vintage interest, but my hair was still damp in the morning and the curls disappeared.
But, a beautiful lady on the Facebook group ‘Vintage Updos for Modern Girls’ posted her results of her wet set on waist length hair, so there is hope for me yet!

I did a bit of refresher research (I’ve watched many wet set tutorials before) and followed Cherry Dollface’s ‘do’s and don’ts of a wet set’ video. She used pillow curlers, but all I have is pin curl clips. I also recommend watching Miss Bee Townsend’s tutorial – she goes through the whole process with pin curl clips and is very thorough!
I am really into ‘authentic’ looks at the moment, so I was after some sort of fluffy ‘Norma Jean’ look, or something bit 40’s. As I understand, flat pin curls were very much a 1940’s thing, so that’s what I wanted to do!

Suavecita grooming spray, pin curl clips and a large silk scarf

I started with damp hair after a shower – you can also dampen your dry hair by spraying it with water or dipping your fingers in a bowl of water and running it through the strands of hair. It’s important that your hair is not soaking wet and probably best on towel dried hair, or the hair won’t dry!

As per Miss Bee’s video, I wrapped the hair around my fingers, trying to keep even sections, I pinched the roll off my fingers and continued to roll to the base of the hair. I spritzed each section with the Suavecita grooming spray to help set the curl before and after placing the curl. I did the top section first, in standing pin curls to give some volume and the rest flat to my head. Sectioning the hair made it easier to work through, as I have so much of it!

So with the front section in place, I moved on to the back of my hair, which is long and full of layers! I made sure to not pin curl all the way to the crown of my head, so the crown would be smooth as many hairstyles featured this back in the day! I also tried to alternate the direction the pin curls were facing row by row, to encourage a decent wave. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep tabs on which way or which row I was on, but I think if I had put a little more effort in to the set, it would have turned out a little more structured!

So with my hair all pinned and in place, I wrapped my head in my vintage silk scarf, ready to sleep in!
I love my sleep so I was a little apprehensive as to how comfortable I would be. It turns out, it wasn’t too bad! Apart from a pin being very close to my ear, so every time I laid on my left I was rudely awoken by being jabbed, but apart from that it didn’t put me off sleeping in pin curls again!

I will mention that the next day I wasn’t feeling my best and was in a rush to get out the door and I know this brush out could have been better if I had taken more time, but all in all, I didn’t dislike it!

I quite liked the fluffy curl it created, but I did smooth some hair oil through instead of pomade, to make it a bit smoother without the firm hold of the pomade – mainly so I could keep brushing later as I had ran out of time! As you can see, I ended up pinning back the sides so I could run out the door, but I did some more experimenting when I got home.

I like sweeping my hair back behind my ears, almost like a faux victory roll. With the set, I did have a nice wave in the front of my hair when I brushed it some more later in the day. My hair wanted to keep returning to ringlet form, but I didn’t apply any hairspray that day, so I wasn’t surprised. That day was an experiment really and I wasn’t going anywhere important.


So that evening, I was planning to wear the silk scarf again, to see if I could preserve the curls for the following day but when it came to bed time, I just wanted to be free of headgear! So instead I tied by hair in pigtails, with the curls maintaining their fluff in the tail. But by the morning, the hairbands had almost fallen out and the curls were quite kinky and not at all uniform. So, from my experience, I would re-roll and sleep in the scarf again!

So, what are my thoughts after my wet set experiment?
I think, if I really tried to create more uniform curls and follow a proper setting pattern, my result would be much better, as well as using more products such as pomade and hair spray. I’ve also heard good things about the ‘Lottabody setting lotion’ for wet sets, so that maybe something I look into in the future. Also, I need more time to brush and create more of a shaped hairstyle!
I think for the time being, I will continue with my curling iron sets, as I know what to expect, but once I get my hair trimmed (post wedding), I will try again!

Have you tried a wet set, or set your hair regularly? Let me know your tips and tricks!

Outfit of the Day

I wasn’t going to mention any particular outfit of this week, because the outfit I wore when I set my hair wasn’t anything special and I felt so rubbish that day, I didn’t take any decent pictures.
But the following day, when I tried to salvage the pigtails, I felt like dressing and styling rockabilly. I was having a bit of a ‘date’ with Ross and we had a lovely day together, listening to our favourite music in the car (Yellowcard was the theme for the day, if you were wondering!), we had fun in the arcade at the seaside, ate chips and ice cream and then went home to do some wedding planning and have a movie night. Ross is very good at being my photographer and so snapped this pic of me on the pier at Felixstowe. I posted it to Instagram, and much to my delight, was posted on the Lady K Loves Instagram page! So exciting! I was wearing my ‘Classic’ jeans and a band t-shirt (Yellowcard, again). I had my hair in a bun, with a ‘pomp’ at the front and a black bandana in my hair – a proper old school look of mine! I felt pretty good that day and having that post shared made me so happy!

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