Playing Pinup at Alt Studios!

I have always found that the transformation into vintage and pin up to be uplifting and satisfying. Glamming up and feeling your best self does wonders for your mental wellbeing. I have recently found my self stuck in a rut. With long hours at work and trying to fit everything else in between, my blogContinue reading “Playing Pinup at Alt Studios!”

What’s in my Vintage Suitcase?

I am afraid the name of this post is a little deceptive. Alas, I do not own a vintage suitcase. As I am currently packing for our honeymoon – two weeks in the states – I really wouldn’t want to bring a vintage suitcase, give me wheels please! We are heading to Las Vegas first,Continue reading “What’s in my Vintage Suitcase?”

Then to now: the vintage and pin up style

I’m so surprised I have found the time to finally sit down and write! I had no idea how full on this wedding malarkey would be so close to the wedding… and I’m very aware that in real life it’s all I talk about and think about! I’m annoyed at myself that I didn’t writeContinue reading “Then to now: the vintage and pin up style”

Trying Out a Wet Set!

There is a bit of a re-occurring theme on my blog, I love a quick vintage hairstyle… which also translates as ‘lazy’! My hair is so thick and long at the moment, it takes forever to do anything with, unless it’s straightening, curling the ends, or my go to is a pony tail! When IContinue reading “Trying Out a Wet Set!”

The Vintage Girls Guide to Winter!

This post could also be named ‘what I’ve realised I’ve needed for cold weather’ because, thanks to ‘the beast from the east’, my blog idea for this week had to change and I have seen how unprepared for snow I really am! I have minimal vintage winter style outfits! But I see it as aContinue reading “The Vintage Girls Guide to Winter!”

My spring ’18 lust list!

Well, thats one month gone for 2018! January seemed to go on forever, didn’t it? January was a good month for me, as I really have gotten back into wedding planning, but unfortunately that has made me realise that I really am on a budget up until May! But just because I have limited funds,Continue reading “My spring ’18 lust list!”

Sunday… the good hair day!

Don’t you just love a good hair and make up day? When I sit down to do my hair (especially with vintage styles), I never quite know if the look I have in my head will translate onto my head or not. Lucky for me, Sunday was a good hair day! I had family travellingContinue reading “Sunday… the good hair day!”

Trying out a ‘quick pin up’ hair style!

I am ever searching for a quick, easy pin up hairstyle that doesn’t take an hour to set, cool and brush! I just don’t have the time or necessarily the energy on my very few days off. A little while ago, I found a tutorial by Pin Up Ashley Marie on good ol’ YouTube andContinue reading “Trying out a ‘quick pin up’ hair style!”

Trying out a Gibson Roll!

I am certainly not one for the whole ‘new year, new me’ marlarky, but I am very much up for trying out new vintage hairstyles! I have recently joined a couple of vintage-style Facebook groups such as the ‘Vintage Tips and Tricks’ (run by the wonderful Miss Bee Townsend) and ‘Vintage Updos for Modern Girls’,Continue reading “Trying out a Gibson Roll!”

Reflection & Hope

As 2017 draws to a close, I felt I should put my two pennies worth in for the new year spirit and reflect over my own past year. So much has happened this year, all around the world and personally as well! I have continued to plan and organise for our up-coming wedding, I graduatedContinue reading “Reflection & Hope”

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