My Current Skincare Routine [feat. Tropic Skincare]

Tropic Skincare

Ever since I was a spotty teenager, I have been looking for the perfect skincare routine. I remember my mum buying me my first skin care set from The Body Shop and her teaching me how to apply each product. My road to good skin has been a long one and after all these years I finally feel like I’ve got it right. So, I thought I would share it with you!

Tropic Skincare is my first choice of products and is the main feature of this article. This is because since using their products, I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin. They are the only brand I have ever repeatedly bought skincare from (apart from The Body Shop).
Tropic products focus on natural ingredients, as well as their impact on the environment. This is becoming more and more important in my decision-making in various products. They are also, very importantly cruelty free and most of their products are vegan!

I will point out that the image below shows the ‘Discovery set’, made up of travel friendly sizes. My products all ran out at the same time this was a cheaper option while and I am saving up for the duluxe skincare set!

Tropic Skincare

Tropic Skincare

The game changer for me was the ‘Smoothing Cleanser’. Compared to other ‘foaming’ cleansers on the market, this cream cleanser doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry and stripped. This is perfect for my already dry skin! But the near miraculous part? I have rarely had a bad spot break out since my start of using this over a year ago!
It also is the best make up remover I have ever tried. Compared to miscellar waters and make up wipes, I can rub this cleanser into my eyelashes without burning my eye or the surrounding area. It’s removed every mascara I’ve ever used completely with no panda eyes the next day.

The moisturiser named ‘Skin Feast’ really is a feast for the skin. There are so many plant extracts and goodness in this moisturiser that promote brighter, more hydrated skin. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and with a lovely glow.

The New Additions

The last two products featured in the image above are actually new to me, but I have enjoyed using them this last couple of weeks. The toner comes as a spray, meaning for fast application when you are rushing to get out the door. It is a ‘pore minimising mist, offering a brighter and smoother complexion. I also have the misfortune of having large pores but am still waiting to see what effect it has with regular use. But I will say my skin is looking brighter!

Lastly, the ‘Super Greens Nutrients Boost Oil’. I have recently started adding in a serum to my routine (I will mention this later on), but as I have started to run out, I thought this oil might be beneficial to my routine. I like the extra hydration I gain from the oil, plus the compliments on my skin after using it! As well as claiming the benefits of protecting against everyday pollution, the oil is ‘effective at reducing redness as well as calming irritated, sensitive and blemished skin, this luxurious oil promotes a bright, healthy, younger-looking complexion that’s full of vitality.’

Tropic Skincare Face Smooth

My favourite product from Tropic (so far), has to be the ‘Face Smooth’ exfoliator. I was a bit fed up of the other exofliators I had used – from their inconvenient packaging to the quality of the products. I love that this is in a ‘squeezy’ tube, so moisture is less likely to get in and reduce the efficiency of the exfoliant (as I had experienced before). As well as how well it removes dry skin, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and still nourished from the oils within the product! I can’t recommend this product enough.

My Back Up Products

For those days where I have hormonal skin, or the rare break out, I have an extra cleansing step. I used to use the Body Shop tea tree skincare range, occasionally I will use the tea tree cleanser; you may remember me reviewing it last year. It does help shrink any blemishes within a couple of days, but I rarely need to use it thanks to my Tropic cleanser.

From The Body Shop Review

A few months ago, I received the Mudmasky After Mask serum in my Glossybox subscription. It is meant to re-nourish the skin after any face mask and feeds the skin with various vitamins. I generally added it in to my skin care routine for an extra boost of hydration (before adding the Tropic products. I have recently finished the tube and am tempted to repurchase as I enjoyed it so much. It was lightweight and fast absorbing, leaving my skin soft and glowy.

Mudmasky serum

I do also use the occasional face mask, about one mask every 1-2 weeks. I particularly like a sheet mask and have recently been enjoying the new Body Shop range! The vitamin E mask is great for added hydration, but they have other masks that promote brighter skin, anti-blemish skin etc. The Body Shop are cruelty free and actively help the local communities where their ingredients come from.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Mask

Using Tropic Skincare

I hope I have provided you with enough information about these products. I can’t rave enough about Tropic, their ingredients and what they stand for. My Tropic collection is slowly growing! If you are interested, I highly recommend you follow and join my friend Leanne’s Facebook page – she is an ambassador who really knows her stuff!

What are your go-to skin care products?

Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored and all products mentioned are purchased by myself. I can promise you all the opinions provided are honest and my own.

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