The Pin Up Parcel: Review

Products from the Pin Up Parcel

Well, if there were ever a time that I could sit down and write on Anchors & Swallows, this would be it!
I hope you are all keeping well during these uncertain times. I have been isolating after a cold and now been distancing for a total of 2 weeks. Luckily, I have my blog to use as a creative outlet – so here we are.
I have been receiving a subscription from Le Keux Cosmetics – the Pin Up Parcel! It has been keeping my active interest in vintage going this year. I have three parcels in total so far, so lets get into what they are all about.

Le Keux Cosmetics

From what I gather, there is a Le Keux Vintage salon and it’s sister company, Le Keux cosmetics. I have seen a few of their products floating around the internet; they have a very vintage and glamorous look to them.
Le Keux offers the Pin Up Parcel – a monthly subscription in which you can receive accessories, cosmetic products and discounts for various vintage outlets.

The January
Pin Up Parcel
The February
Pin Up Parcel
The March
Pin Up Parcel
Le Keux Cosmetics
‘Every Cream
Le Keux Cosmetics
Brown Brow and Eyeliner
Le Keux Cosmetics Lip
Paint in ‘Whistle Bait’
A red beretA red and white polkadot
hair band
A glittery brush
A voucher – 15% off
on Rock n Romance
A voucher – 20% off
Monrose Boutique
A voucher – 2 for 1
Pin Up Photoshoots

Products from the Pin Up Parcel
I am wearing the red beret, along with the lip paint and brown brow paint.

Lets start with the accessories. You may know by now that I do love a beret – this time is no exception! This is my favourite item out of all the pin up parcels. It is a great addition to any outfit, particularly in this red colour. The hair band (below) on the other hand is something I’m not likely to wear. Apart from it not fitting the vintage styles I personally like to wear, it feels a little on the cheap side. But, I can imagine it would wear comfortably and be enjoyed by a polkadot loving pin up!

The brush from the third parcel (not photographed) reminds me of a wet brush, but with a gold glittery backing. To be honest, I’m not sure what it is intended for, but it is a nice addition for the handbag!

The Cosmetics

I have been looking to try a ‘pomade’ style brow product for a little while, so I was pleasantly surprised to receive the Secret Weapon brow and eyeliner paint. It is apparently designed for a variety of hair colours and luckily for me, it seems to blend in well with my brow hairs. It is pigmented but still easy to use and blend – for a first timer! I really enjoyed this product and will definitely be using it in the future.

The lip paint on the other hand isn’t something I often reach for. The colour is a proper pin up red, but the consistency reminds be more of a ‘balm’. I would prefer a more creamy texture that isn’t so slippy. It was quite easy to apply (with a lip brush), but I found it to be quite sheer. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but just not my thing! If I wanted a subtle colour, I would certainly reach for this, but for my pin up looks, I will stick with my usual liquid lipsticks for the time being. I may experiment with the lip paint more in the future.
Both the brow paint and lip paint come in the same crystal packaging: I love the presentation, it really looks like vintage glamour and would dress up any vanity.

The ‘Every Cream’

When I first saw the ‘Every Cream’, it instantly reminded me of the ‘cold cream’ that The Marvellous Mrs Maisel uses! Again, the packaging is beautiful.
Le Keux cosmetics describes it as ‘ Based on a vintage formula. This deliciously scented cream can be used as a moisturiser, cleanser and make up remover.’ They also say it is paraben free and cruelty free (hooray!).

I used it to remove my make up on this particular day, the same way I use my Tropic cleanser to remove make up. It did remove all the make up well, but not quite as well as my trusty Tropic! I am yet to use it as a moisturiser, but I can say it left my skin feeling clean and not dry at all.
Despite it being paraben free, it has a definite scent of perfume, so perhaps not one for those with sensitive skin.

Lastly, I must say I was pleased with the vouchers I have received! They are all brands that I have used or heard of in the past. I plan to redeem them and hopefully review what I purchase in future posts.

I have really enjoyed receiving the Pin Up Parcels every month so far and I am due to receive another in April. For £10 a month plus shipping, I feel this subscription is worth it for the products inside. Despite not enjoying the lip paint or hair band, I can see them working for someone else – plus I’m sure I will be playing with the lip paint more!

Have you tried Le Keux Cosmetics? Be sure to tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

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