The New Body Shop Matte Lip Butter!

It’s no secret that I am a fan of The Body Shop; their wide range of products good quality and cruelty free. I fell in love with the liquid lip paints about a year ago and continue to wear them regularly. So when I heard they had released a the new Matte Lip Butter, I knew I had to try it!

The Matte Lip Butter

I was doing my research on the claims of the new matte lip butter, but I can’t seem to find what makes it so different to the original liquid lip paints. From first glance, I can only assume it is a different texture or finish.

The Body Shop claims it has an ‘easy glide on’ formula, is lightweight and long-lasting with a velvet matte finish. They currently have 7 different shades, but these appear to be a range of deep browns and nudes. Perhaps this some sort of extension to the shades of the lip paints…
But there was one red shade available which I chose. A girl can never have too many red lipsticks!

Manhattan Marigold

My skin tone suits blue-reds and true reds – this Manhattan Marigold shade was perfect for me. It is an easy glide on formula; the colour pay off is very good in just one swipe. The application was easy, but the wear is very different from the Body Shop lip paints that I wear on a regular basis. It does keep a slight sheen to the finish, which I think is what was intended by calling it a ‘velvet matte’. I also noticed it doesn’t dry down completely, like a usual ‘matte’ would (as you can see in the above photo).

The Wear Test

I tried this product out over a couple of occasions. My first try was without a lip pencil. I found that it was comfortable to wear all day, with no dryness. After eating and drinking, I noticed it did wear off over a couple of hours, but it was easy to re-apply and keep it looking good. Although you may not be able to notice it in the photo below, but I noticed the Lip Butter starting to bleed and feather around the mouth. This was quite frustrating, so I decided to try wearing it another day, but with the assistance of a lip pencil.

I wore the matte lip butter with a Rimmel London lip pencil (not cruelty free, but finding a replacement!). This particular day was going to be a challenge for the lip butter, as I was heading out to lunch at Wagamama’s – noodles can make for messy eating! So, I wasn’t too surprised when I saw that most of my bottom lip had lost its coverage. But as before, it was easy to reapply. The feathering/bleeding issue I had before was much improved with the use of the pencil. In fact, there was one corner of the mouth that had bled a little, but I had actually had difficulty lining that part of my mouth. This definitely proved the benefit of using the pencil with the lip butter!

Final Thoughts

While it was not clear what this product would offer, I have to say that I did enjoy wearing it and I have noticed some differences between the Body Shop Lip Butter and Lip Paint. The Lip Paints dry down completely matte and are long lasting, the Lip Butter reminds me of a ‘normal’ bullet lipstick. It is very comfortable to wear, without feeling dry at all during the day. The Lip Butter is easy to apply, without having to layer the product to get full colour opacity. It has a slight sheen, despite its claims of being a matte formula. I have also found that blotting the lips after application helps to mattify further. It also helps to keep it in place for longer!
I have really enjoyed wearing the matte lip butter and will continue to wear it – on the days where it doesn’t matter how much I have to reapply!

I bought this product myself, through my lovely friend Shannon’s Body Shop Facebook group – make sure to check out her page, she often has raffles and offers on!

What did you think of the lip butter? What Body Shop products are you excited to try?

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