Review: Ofra Liquid Lipstick in Atlantic City

So, I have a confession. Another one actually. As well as having a bit of a shoe addiction, I am also what you may call, a make-up junkie. I love playing with make up, buying make up and watching all the beauty gurus on YouTube. The only thing is, as I have limited funds, I can’t buy new make up very often – which is probably a good thing! But, I decided to allow myself to make one important ‘vintage’ purchase this month as I realised, I only have ONE red lipstick!
That isn’t strictly true, I have a couple of red Rimmel ‘normal’ lipsticks I do not wear because they don’t really suit me, but as previously mentioned, my one and only favourite I own is a liquid lipstick – The Balm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) Hughes in ‘Loyal’ which has served me well. I fancied trying something new, which for me means a lot of research and looking at reviews on ye ol’ YouTube!

Liquid lipsticks are a hit or miss product for me; some are flaky, some are extremely drying and some just don’t last long or look awful when you wear them! So when I found Meet Matt(e) Hughes, I was so happy as it lasts and looks so good on! Which is why new products require extensive research before purchasing!
I already have some Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks in ‘Bel Air’ and ‘Laguna Beach’ which are pinky nudes and I love and wear these often! They are long lasting but they do transfer a little but they’re not drying and I enjoy how they wear. So I found the colour ‘Atlantic City’ on Beauty Bay, which is described as ‘a universally flattering true red with a hydrating matte finish’. I do have to be careful when choosing bold/red shades as I am the definition of pale! My ‘Loyal’ lipstick is a blue-toned red, but the description of ‘universally flattering’ appealed to me greatly!

The Balm vs Ofra
The Balm ‘Loyal’ is the top shade, Ofra in ‘Atlantic City’ is the bottom shade

This last sunny Sunday was my only day off this weekend, so it was my dedicated vintage day! I set my hair in my usual way (I haven’t done this for ages and takes SO long because I have SO much hair!) but it came together well. Even though it was a brisk 2 degrees outside, I was determined to wear a circle skirt, as I enjoyed it so much last week! I had taken a little trip after work on Saturday to Primark and picked up a couple of cardigans, a belt and a beret, so I already had an outfit in mind.

The Ofra Cosmetics website says that you don’t need to apply a lip liner with this lipstick and advertises that this product doesn’t feather, but I do usually apply a lipliner with reds and bold colours, so I applied liner anyway! The liquid lipstick itself is creamy and applies very nicely in my opinion. It doesn’t dry own straight away and as I say from previous experience it does transfer but it still lasts well on the lips – I can say this colour wears as well as my other Ofra lippies.Wearing Ofra's liquid lipstick in 'Atlantic City'

So, after testing it throughout the day, after eating some lunch and drinking some tea, I noticed that it did transfer, more noticeably than my other colours but it still lasted on the lips, as in there were no patches of colour missing and the colour continued to look even, but did look more ‘worn’. Another thing I like about this line of liquid lipsticks is that when it comes to re-applying, it does so without ‘balling’ up on the lips or displacing any lipstick that is still on the lips – it builds well.

After re-applying, still looking good!

In the evening, Ross and I went out for dinner – to Nandos, as Ross was craving one! So did the lipstick survive some chicken and chips?
The answer is, yes! I never very good at trying to preserve lipstick while eating, because I just forget and then I end up with lipstick on my chin and that awful line where the lipstick as worn away. But low and behold, the lipstick was still there and barely moved!

Outfit of the Day

Ross very kindly said he would be my photographer for the afternoon when he returned from work, so we went to our nearby park as it was such a lovely afternoon! My outfit was plain but as it was so cold outside, all my other clothes are a bit more summery!

I was wearing –
‘Paula’ Hell Bunny Skirt
‘Amanda’ top by Collectif clothing
Beret and cardigan from Primark
Cape from Next (a couple of winter seasons ago)
Shoes from New Look

Photo by the pond!



In all, I was so pleased I bought this Ofra liquid lipstick, it lasted longer than I had expected it to, even after the transference. It was also comfortable and easy to wear and use! It ticked all my boxes! Have you bought this product? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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I am a twenty-something vintage lover who is trying to find the time out of work to dress up and feel more glamorous!

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