The Vintage Girls Guide to Winter!

This post could also be named ‘what I’ve realised I’ve needed for cold weather’ because, thanks to ‘the beast from the east’, my blog idea for this week had to change and I have seen how unprepared for snow I really am! I have minimal vintage winter style outfits! But I see it as a learning curve so I can remedy my wardrobe for our next bout of cold weather… which is hopefully next winter, but you never know!

Cropped sweaters, jumpers and cardigans

I have managed to dig out some items that I have been able to wear in this bitter weather and is certainly a staple for a vintage style wardrobe anyway! Luckily I have only had one day to wear vintage things this week, as I wear a uniform for most of the week, so I had one outfit to plan.
I love ‘sweater/cardigan sets’, I think it is an easy pairing for some instant vintage style with little effort and though I have none of my own, I paired an old Next cropped jumper with my recent purchase from Primark, the navy cardigan. It worked together well and would go with both trousers and skirts. As it was a particularly cold day (-4 degrees – yes I know us brits are rubbish when snow hits, but we are mainly used to rain, not snow!), I decided to wear my Lady K Loves jeans with a contrasting belt with helps accentuate my waist. Check out the Lady K Loves website to look at their jeans and their cute tops and knitwear too!img_9493-edited.jpg

Cropped sweater & Lady K Loves jeans

A vintage inspired winter coat

I have one vintage reproduction coat that I am so thankful for having – because it’s so warm! It was kindly given to me by a friend and it is beautiful – the Hell Bunny Vivien coat. I have tried and tested this coat in a couple of cold, snowy situations and is has kept me very cosy.Hell Bunny Vivien Coat

I don’t think this coat is very easy to purchase anymore, but there are a couple of winter-wear items I have had my eye on –

Collectif Vintage Claudia Coat & Cape
Claudia Coat and Cape, by Collectif Clothing
Collectif Vintage Pearl Coat
Vintage Pearl Coat by Collectif Clothing

These Collectif coats (of course, they HAD to be from Collectif!) have been extremely popular and so are also running low in stock. Also, if you haven’t already heard or seen the Pearl coat, it has a very good reputation and they are quite Instagram famous, for obvious reasons!

I have to mention also, the ‘Old Hollywood Princess Coat’ by Emmy Designs – I saw this coat over on Miss Victory Violet’s blog and I’ve been lusting after it ever since! Have a look at her review here.

A good pair of boots!

I have realised I have no idea where my wellies are, or my walking boots and so I have had to make do with some New Look ankle boots (with no grip) or my converse (also very slippery, I have discovered!). But, all the vintage bloggers and instagrammers I admire all seem to have the same love of boots – from Miss L Fire. From a bit of internet searching, I believe they are the ‘Alice’ boots, which come in black or tan. By the way, they have a flash sale at the moment – 20% off boots on their website at the moment, but I don’t know how long for, check it out!

Alice boots in Tan – Miss L Fire

Warm skirts 

I have my jeans and my swing trousers, but they can be limiting when you have a beautiful swing coat that is crying out for a full skirt! The day I wore jeans and the sweater/cardigan combo, I really wanted to wear a circle skirt. I have some warm fleecy tights, which I highly recommend finding a pair for this time of year (they are SO warm), but the cotton circle skirts that I do have just wouldn’t be snow proof enough! I am currently trying to find some skirts made of wool or some heavy fabric and have so far found some at Emmy Designs and Revival Retro.

Emmy Designs has some beautiful pieces but are a little more on the expensive side that my budget just can’t stretch to. The skirt I have my eye on is the ‘Jazzy A-Line skirt’ that comes in navy ‘salt and pepper’ and fig ‘salt and pepper’ – check them out here! They certainly look well made and durable.

Revival Retro have a similar item, the ‘Handy Pocket Skirt’ which is designed by Revival Retro themselves! It is part of a collection with a matching cropped jacket, which again was reviewed by Miss Victory Violet – the set is beautiful! The collection also has a pair of culottes, which is also a great idea for the cold weather!

I’m hoping the snow will go away soon, so spring can finally hit and I can enjoy all my warm weather clothes! Hopefully I will be more prepared for next year and perhaps I will have bought some of the items I have mentioned!
I hope you have found this helpful. Have you got any of these items or have you got anything to add to my list?

Published by anchors&swallows

I am a twenty-something vintage lover who is trying to find the time out of work to dress up and feel more glamorous!

4 thoughts on “The Vintage Girls Guide to Winter!

  1. Great piece Hun, really wish I’d read this at the time but will be keeping it in mind for next year.
    Collectif’s winter skirts are fab. I have a black tweed with silver flecks that has been worn so much this year. That coat is gorgeous! Is it hell bunny?

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