Roaring 20’s Get Ready With Me!

One of the many reasons I love vintage style so much, is the creativity and transformation. From the make up, to the hair and the clothes, I love it all. Of course, I am primarily a 1940’s and 50’s lover, but I adore history and many different eras, including the 1920’s. I share this loveContinue reading “Roaring 20’s Get Ready With Me!”

Vintage Style TV Shows to Watch

I have grown up watching various television programmes based on what my parents and grandparents enjoyed watching – perhaps this influenced my love of vintage in the present day! I love history and I have been re-watching some of my all time favourite TV shows and thought I would share them with you – ifContinue reading “Vintage Style TV Shows to Watch”

Sunday… the good hair day!

Don’t you just love a good hair and make up day? When I sit down to do my hair (especially with vintage styles), I never quite know if the look I have in my head will translate onto my head or not. Lucky for me, Sunday was a good hair day! I had family travellingContinue reading “Sunday… the good hair day!”

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