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My name is Laura, I am a twenty-something vintage lover, trying to find more time out of work to dress up and feel more glamorous! 

I created this blog back in 2016, hoping it would encourage me to pursue my vintage passion. I am lucky enough to have my dream career of veterinary nursing but due to the job I am unable to incorporate a vintage style into my day to day life. My vintage lifestyle has really come along since then and I have found so many lovely, like-minded people!

I like to try out new hairstyles, reviewing products, and hopefully inspiring you to create your own style, as vintage style is so personal! I also have a YouTube channel especially for Anchors & Swallows, which I hope to be uploading on monthly soon!

Why do I love Vintage?

I have always loved old things and have a keen interest of history, especially war time. In my teenage years, I was (still am a little bit!) a punk rocker, I even had a pair of tartan jeans! I loved Hell Bunny dresses and through them I found the ‘rockabilly’ genre – I inherited my music taste from my dad and so I already adored The Beatles, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, the list goes on! As I’ve grown older, my style has developed I found I have a love of the 1950’s and a touch of the 40’s too!

I am married to my lovely, supportive husband Ross – we got married in 2018 and I wrote a whole post about it!
Our engagement was pretty special, we also have a love of music and as quite a surprise, he went down on one knee at a meet and greet with our favourite band Daughtry! It was so amazing and we are carried the music theme throughout our wedding day too!

daughtry VIP meet and greet
Our engagement! Daughtry 2014

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