Trying Out the House of Drewvid Marcel Spray!

House of Drewvid Marcel spray

My hair setting routine has really evolved over the last couple of years – from a basic heat set with only hair spray to hold, to now never being without my Suavecita grooming spray. But when I sadly ran out of my trusty Suavecita a couple of months ago, I wasn’t able to purchase more (as I was dealing with my health issues anyway), so I fell into a bit of a funk.
But, when payday hit, I knew just the thing to try to get me excited about hair again – the House of Drewvid Marcel Spray.

House of Drewvid Marcel spray
House of Drewvid Marcel spray

Who is the House of Drewvid?

I think I first saw this setting spray on an Instagram post – the packaging and design really caught my eye. After looking into the product, I found out that House of Drewvid has an impressive resume for creating hair products!

House of Drewvid was created by married couple Andrew Simonin and David Dorling. They both have advanced experience in period hair and wigs, working in the TV and film industry. Check out their website for their list of top films they’ve worked on!
Their website offers a whole range of services, from bridal hair to wig dressing, as well as offering their own products in their online shop.

After careful consideration of all the products on offer, I decided to purchase the very item I had first laid eyes on – the Marcel spray.

The Marcel Spray

After using the Suavecita grooming spray for so long, I was excited to try something new – and I had some expectations. I wanted something that wasn’t as heavy and easier to work with, while keeping a firm hold. I also was hoping for a more delicate scent – the Suavecita was nice, but a little strong.

The packaging was just as beautiful as I had seen online – an art deco style, in keeping with the name ‘Marcel’. Also included was the cutest tassel to hang from the neck of the bottle – it makes my vanity look a lot fancier! The scent is difficult to describe, but it is not strong at all. It reminds me of a light, clean hair product smell – the kind you would likely find in a salon. It dissipates quite quickly, so even if you didn’t like the smell much, you wouldn’t notice it for long. I like it anyway!

Ease of Use

I was planning to demonstrate this product with two hairstyles – but my week has been so hectic, I only just had time to do one! This week, I decided to do a heat set because it is a more typical way I set my hair. I am hoping to do a wet set for next weeks blog post (a hair tutorial imminent!), so I will update you then!

Marcel spray curls

I sprayed each section of hair before using my 3/4 inch curling iron, pinning the curl in place and spraying once more for good measure.
Straight away, I noticed that the spray didn’t leave my hair feeling heavy or sticky, like the Suavecita did. But like the Suavecita, the Marcel spray had fantastic hold. I was able to brush and manipulate the curls easily.

After a day of wear, in the wind, out and about, my hair was still in great shape. I ended up trying different hairstyles later in the evening; this loosened the curls and I ended up with a very Monroe-esque look!

Loose Monroe-style curls

The Verdict

The House of Drewvid Marcel Spray was everything I could ask for in a setting spray: it had a light scent, was easy to brush through, not crunchy – all while providing great hold! Of course, the packaging is unique and stunning – an added bonus. Alongside the Marcel spray, House of Drewvid also offers a range of pomades and a Lustre spray. I would be interested to try these in the future and grow a new collection!

What do you think of the Marcel spray? What’s your go to setting product?

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