My Love of The Beatles (feat. Joanie Clothing)

It’s no secret that I adore Joanie Clothing’s mix of modern and retro styles, and of course I was excited to see their new launches. But what they released went far beyond my love of vintage style – the Ringo jumper.

The brand have come out with various jumpers displaying famous London road signs: Brick Lane, Portobello Road and Abbey Road. I intended for to review the jumper on Anchors & Swallows, but I just felt that a review wasn’t quite special enough; plus I have done my fair share of reviews recently!

The timing was impeccable – I had to purchase this Joanie Clothing Abbey Road jumper, not only for my love of The Beatles. My husband and I were spending a couple of days in London for his birthday… and the hotel was half a mile from Abbey Road. Shockingly, I had never been to the iconic street and despite the tourists, it was pretty special.

Joanie Clothing 'Ringo' jumper

So, where did my love of The Beatles come from? It’s more than just enjoying their music. Well, I suppose deep down, they started me on the road to vintage, thanks to my Dad.

My Childhood

I am a self proclaimed daddy’s girl, because my Dad worked away at sea in the Merchant Navy. A lot of my childhood was just Mum and myself. I have fond memories of our summer holidays together as a family, as well as memories of mum and I writing emails to him, waiting for phone calls and making his favourite flapjacks when he was on his way home.

My Dad is a lifelong Beatles fan and so, of course, I grew up listening to The Beatles. My most cherished memories were listening to him play the guitar (he is a fantastic guitarist). ‘Michelle’, ‘Norwegian Wood’ and ‘Here Comes The Sun’ take me back to my Dad serenading me in the mid 1990’s.

Like ‘the fab four’, my Dad also comes from Merseyside, Liverpool. Perhaps it’s the similarity in their voices and their sense of humour that also bring me happiness! Whenever I visit Liverpool, it is the nostalgia of my childhood summers visiting my grandparents that comes rushing back to me. Also, of course, Liverpool is a constant reminder of the boys that had grown up there: the Cavern Club, the Magical Mystery Tour bus etc!


I think, beyond the enjoyment of their music, perhaps The Beatles are a part of my identity. They are one my earliest memories and they have been carried through my entire life. Of course, I love history and they are a massive piece of the recent past. Music is also the biggest thing my Dad and I talk about – after all the music he has introduced me to, I have a lot to thank him for.

To this day, no matter what, The Beatles are a massive comfort to me. Listening to those old songs is instantly soothing. It can make me so nostalgic and will always make me think of my Dad. Of all the music I listen to, they are the one band that make me the happiest.

Do you have a band or piece of music that is extra important to you?

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I am a twenty-something vintage lover who is trying to find the time out of work to dress up and feel more glamorous!

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