Birchbox vs Glossybox: March 2019

Birchbox vs Glossybox

It’s battle of the boxes – Birchbox vs Glossybox!
My first ever beauty box I tried and reviewed on my blog was Birchbox. There were a few different beauty subscriptions to try, my second choice being Glossybox, as I had heard they were quite similar. But my time with Birchbox had run its course when I noticed the same products appearing in each months box. I thought this would be a good opportunity to try the competitor and treat myself, of course! Just to clarify, I only have this months Glossybox, not the Birchbox!

The pink Glossybox (Birchbox vs Glossybox)

Price – is it worth it?

So, essentially – Birchbox vs Glossybox?


Five products (two full size, rest are samples) – it appears the worth of the box can vary.

Personalised items in each box from your preferences, including a choice of box design each month

Various benefits from £5 for a referring a friend, 10% off sampled products in the Birchbox shop. Further benefits for becoming a VIP.

Limited edition boxes available.

Not tied down to boxes, different plans available.

For a ‘1 month’ plan – £10 (£2.95 P&P)


Five products (two full size, rest are samples) worth over £50

Personalised items in each box from your preferences

Can earn credits from taking surveys about the products in the box, referring friends etc. to save to use on

Limited edition boxes available.

Not tied down to boxes, different plans available.

For a ‘1 month’ plan – £10 (£3.25 P&P)

I typically purchase one box at a time rather than going for a plan, but the plans are better value.

So, what’s in the box?

Birchbox vs Glossybox

I was pleasantly surprised to find The Body Shop in this Glossybox, certainly a well known brand! The other products are perhaps not as well known, but in my opinion that adds to the excitement and element of surprise; who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favourites!

In this month’s Glossybox…

  • The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter
  • Bellapierre Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lip Crème in
  • Laritzy Cosmetics Dew Pot in Utopia
  • Essence You Better Work! Fixing Spray
  • BYBI Plumper Lip Balm

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter

The Body Shop Body Butter  (Birchbox vs Glossybox)

I have a whole post dedicated to my love for The Body Shop and the work they are doing for animal-kind and the environment – while creating good products! So this body butter was a good find in this box. Plus, the coconut scent is one of my favourites. Not much more to say, great products, great start!

Bellapierre Kiss Proof Lip Crème

Bellapierre Kiss Proof Lip Crème  (Birchbox vs Glossybox)

This lip crème left me with mixed feelings. Bellapierre Cosmetics isn’t a brand that I have really come across before but this advertisement of kiss proof is always promising! Honestly, I liked the formula and it certainly was kiss proof (after eating it almost looked untouched!), but I was disappointed by the colour choice. Various shades were put out in different boxes, I wish I had received another colour! In the picture above you would think it is a nude-y pink, but really it was a very cool-toned pinky beige. I am sure this would be more suited to other people but for me it was too cool-toned and left me looking washed out, no matter how much blush I put on! It actually looked grey on me (see photos at end of post) – I ended up adding some pink lipstick from another brand to the outer parts of my lips in hope of warming the colour and creating an ombre look.

I like the product, but I just think the colour choice was a bit risky. Sadly, I won’t be reaching for this shade again.

Laritzy Dew Pot in ‘Utopia’

Laritzy Illuminating Dew Pot  (Birchbox vs Glossybox)

This product on the other hand, was a surprise hit for me! Being a cream highlighter, I was a bit hesitant to try it over the top of my foundation. Plus, I don’t reach for cream highlights very often!
I tried it on my bare skin first, which created this lovely luminous rosy glow. Despite the tackiness of the product, when tapped in over foundation with fingers, it added a beautiful highlight – not too subtle and not too strong. It didn’t disrupt my base either! The colour is beautiful and would suit many skin tones in my opinion. It is also a vegan and cruelty free product – win!

Essence You Better Work! Fixing Spray

Essence You Better Work! Fixing Spray  (Birchbox vs Glossybox)

A typical ‘workout’ setting spray! Birchbox seemed to like sending this type of product out too; it’s not really my thing but I don’t knock it til I try it!
I find these setting sprays aren’t much to write home about and honestly, this isn’t much different. It didn’t add to my overall make up look or longevity.
I think these are more for the minimal gym make up look and for refreshing the skin, rather than my typical style. But for those who do go to the gym with some make up or just like to refresh the skin, this spritzes well and had a nice scent. Not for me, but could work for others!

BYBI Plumper Lip Balm

BYBI Plumper Lip Balm  (Birchbox vs Glossybox)

Finishing off with a lovely cruelty free lip balm – this ‘plumper’ was a hit with me. It’s a thick formula but feels very nourishing on the lips and not heavy at all. It also gives a pretty sheen , so can be worn on a lighter make up day. It claims to restore dry lips while adding some plump by using some peppermint properties and capsicum. To me, it somehow smells of honey, but perhaps it’s the peppermint?
I really like this product, plus I can’t get enough of good lip balms!

Below are photos of myself wearing the products above (apart from the body butter!); I apologise for the lighting, it was getting dark! The products did help to create a good make up look, but you can see the lip colour did not work on me. Also, the last photo with ‘flash’ shows just how pretty the highlighter is!

The March Glossybox makeup look  (Birchbox vs Glossybox)
The March Glossybox makeup look (2)  (Birchbox vs Glossybox)
Laritzy dew pot - with flash  (Birchbox vs Glossybox)

Birchbox vs Glossybox…

So, in conclusion? The Birchbox and the Glossybox are very similar in the benefits, price and product selection. Birchbox is a smidge cheaper in most of their plans, but I did get a new variety of products from Glossybox – as Birchbox became a bit repetitive. Although Birchbox has their own shop, I love that Glossybox has a close relationship with – they have a huge variety of brands and products!

I am rather torn, but after a long subscription with Birchbox, it was nice to try something new and I would purchase from Glossybox again.
But, if I were new to the beauty box thing, from the information I’ve given you, I would choose Birchbox! Plus I think Birchbox is more personalised in their beauty questionaires too.
Saying that, there are hundreds more subscriptions to discover and try on Anchors & Swallows!

What do you think – do you prefer Birchbox or Glossybox?

Disclaimer: the Glossybox subscription was purchased by myself and as always, all opinions on the products are honest and my own.

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I am a twenty-something vintage lover who is trying to find the time out of work to dress up and feel more glamorous!

3 thoughts on “Birchbox vs Glossybox: March 2019

    1. It was really difficult, they are so similar! I had tried Burchbox for a year or so, it was nice to try something new. I’m glad you enjoyed it, I’m aiming to try out more beauty boxes in the future xx


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