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In the last couple of weeks of being off work, my YouTube viewing has increased dramatically. I have loved and watched YouTube videos for years at this point – anything from recipes to fashion hauls to make up tutorials.

Way back when vintage style sparked my interest, I got all my hair practice from watching YouTube (I still do!). I follow a lot of vintage style Youtubers that continue to inspire me and so I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you!

Cherry Dollface

Cherry Dollface was the very first vintage style Youtuber I came across and obsessed over. I have watched every single video to date and I still go back through the archives for tips and tricks I might not have picked up on earlier. Being a model herself, she shares hair and make up tutorials, as well as pin up posing tips, and touching on deeper subjects such as her heart condition and mental health. If you haven’t heard of her already, I urge you to check her out! Plus, I am meeting her on tour for a photoshoot later this year! (I really hope I’m well by then!)

Rachel Maksy

Rachel (previously known as The Pinup Companion) is a more recent Youtuber I follow; probably the last year or so, but I instantly click on any video she uploads. I love her personality, as well as her style! She is the recent winner of the Nyx Face Awards 2018, she has documented this journey on her channel and was so lovely to follow. She is more of a 1940’s/1970’s style and loves to throw cosplay into the mix. Plus, her dog is so cute!

Miss Victory Violet

Quite like Cherry Dollface, I would be surprised if you haven’t come across Miss Victory Violet! Ella is a blogger, Youtuber and model from New Zealand. Being a qualified hairdresser is an important point, as she is so good at explaining and detailing hair sets and techniques in her videos. She has recently returned from a break on YouTube and I’m really excited to see what she produces on her channel this year!

A Vintage Vanity

I love A Vintage Vanity! Jennifer is so cheerful and has a beautiful colourful style. Her channel offers lots of different vintage themed content, from DIY to hair, to some pretty cool vlogs!

Karolina Zebrowska

Karolina has a slightly different vintage themed channel, but I love it just the same – this is likely because she likes a lot of history, like myself! Her particular passion is historical fashion and while she covers a lot of 1940’s looks, she also discusses Victorian style and earlier. She has a great sense of humour and has recently published a book.

How To Be Fancy

Heather also has a beautiful, colourful style and covers a variety of subjects on her channel. She is currently doing a ‘Hair Basics’ series, discussing hair care and how she achieves her vintage hair cut. She has also done ‘Maisel Mondays’ (inspired my The Marvelous Mrs Maisel), as well as thifting, reviews and vlogs.

Sorelle Amore

This is by no means a vintage channel, but I adore Sorelle and her message so I just had to add her in!
Sorelle is a photographer, traveller and minimalist, who in her early career founded the Pin Up Passion blog and wrote many articles on the subject. Pin Up Passion also have their own YouTube channel with Sorelle doing lots of tutorials, although there is obviously nothing recent as she’s gone on to different things.
Her channel now covers photography tips, as well as her extremely popular ‘advanced selfie’ challenge, which may serve as inspiration for many vintage lovers out there, including myself! She also talks about travel and her nomadic and minimalistic lifestyle. Plus her laughter is contagious!

I hope you perhaps have discovered someone new to be inspired from! There are so many incredible vintage Youtubers out there, with so many different styles – these are only a handful of my absolute favourites. Who is your favourite Youtuber? Please comment below if you want to add any honourable mentions!

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I am a twenty-something vintage lover who is trying to find the time out of work to dress up and feel more glamorous!

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