Hunting for Vintage: My Finds so Far

Brown Gerry Webber blazer

I have been hunting for vintage for several years now. It began when I was moving out of my parents house and collecting new things for our new home. I found the sweetest pastel coloured tea cups on a vintage site that appeared on my Facebook. I have them displayed in my living room and I am still very fond of them, 3 years later!

Different pastel coloured tea cups and a 1950's biscuit barrel
1950’s tea cups and a 1950’s biscuit barrel – a thoughtful wedding gift

Since starting my ‘vintage journey’, my true vintage collection has grown slowly. I scroll through various Etsy shops, eBay pages and Instagram accounts – hunting for vintage, or antiques on a daily basis. I search for anything that may catch my eye, that speaks to me, that seems special.

To document my ongoing vintage hunting, I thought I would share with you on a monthly basis, the sellers and places I have to discovered for stunning vintage clothes and items. But first of all, I will show you what I have found so far.

My recent search…

I go through phases of wanting to recreate certain vintage styles; I had been searching everywhere for a 1940’s skirt suit to suit my rather small budget. Unfortunately, anything that is in perfect condition will be at a high cost. Of course, this is understandable as they would have survived years and years of wear and tear.
After searching high and low, I decided to go for a plan B – a 1970’s does 40’s style. It is quite common for fashion eras to come back around, you may sometimes hear of the 1980’s recreating the 1950’s. A perfect example of this is the film Edward Scissorhands: the styles worn in this film are very 50’s, but the film is clearly set in the 80’s! I was only watching that film last night (so good!).
I plan on going more in detail about this topic at a later date, so watch this space!

The 70’s Suit

brown 1970s Gerry Webber suit

This suit is a prime example for why I love eBay so much. After a quick Google search of the brand, Gerry Weber, I discovered that this suit was made in the 1970’s. It has a good shape in the shoulders of the blazer and a neutral colour that would be common in wartime Britain! It is also very warm, made of a wool blend. I do not tend to wear pencil skirts, as I often don’t think how my hips look. Saying that, I love this skirt because it is very straight cut and doesn’t draw attention to that area! The skirt can be worn by itself or with the blazer.
Because this suit is not as ‘vintage’ as a true 1940’s suit, there is hardly any wear or tear – it’s in very good condition!
How much was this great find on eBay? £12.99. Blazer and skirt. What a win!

Brown Gerry Webber blazer

The 1960’s Embelished Gloves

These gloves are another eBay find; intended to complete my first true vintage outfit for Anchors & Swallows. I fell in love with the dainty design and the scalloped edges, as well as being true 1960’s gloves!
I think gloves really complete a vintage outfit. These gloves are plain enough to add to many outfits. I really don’t wear them enough, hence why I decided to wear them with my suit!
These were another steal, for the price of £9.50. The seller gave the gloves measurements, but I luckily already new what glove size I was. A perfect fit!

1960's embellished gloves

The Red Lace 1940’s Evening Dress

Hunting for Vintage - 1940's evening dress

This dress has already been featured on my blog before, back when I first laid eyes on it and fell in love. I found it at a vintage fair, hidden amongst some later dated garments. To my surprise, this is a true 1940’s dress! It fit me perfectly and couldn’t leave without it.

I documented the transformation of this beautiful dress – from purchase, to my trip to Splendid Stitches for it’s repair and rejuvination, to the completed renovation.
Although I cannot remember how much I paid for the dress, with the alterations I can estimate the total cost to be just over £100. But I felt so attached to this dress, I had to restore it as much as I could.
It is my favourite true vintage possession, but because it is quite delicate, I am yet to wear it to an event!

The Vintage Brooch

I found this pretty little brooch in one of my Vintage Boxed deliveries; it has sparked a urge to hunt and collect more little vintage accessories. Brooches, jewellery, and my current hunt for vintage hat pins!
In fact, I have recently purchased a hat pin from Etsy – keep your eyes peeled in an upcoming blog post! It is very pretty.

Hunt for Vintage - small gold and pearlbrooch

I love being able to share authentic vintage items and antiques with other like-minded people, whether it be on Anchors & Swallows or on the Facebook groups I have joined. I especially love finding out the stories behind each item! Do you have a vintage collection? I would love to know what you have found!

Published by anchors&swallows

I am a twenty-something vintage lover who is trying to find the time out of work to dress up and feel more glamorous!

2 thoughts on “Hunting for Vintage: My Finds so Far

  1. Love the red dress, really suits you too. We have also got some items when we have been to scooter fares. I got a crombie coat, always wanted one in my teens/ twenties but couldn’t afford one then. Helen got a Travera dress in a dark blue, really suits her.
    So if you see a scooter fare go along and see the clothes, if you like sixties clothes?


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