The November Vintage Boxed!

If there is one thing I like, it’s a good surprise. A surprise where I know the outcome should be a positive one! Therefore, I was excited to receive this months Vintage Boxed subscription.
I was quite pleased with my last box, although it has not been the appropriate weather to wear the items I received, I’m quite sure I will be wearing them in the future. This month, Vintage Boxed teased on their Instagram, about sending out a vintage brooch in the November box. I do love a good, sparkly brooch and it is something I have been looking to add to my style more!
For more information about ‘The Vintage Boxed Subscription’, check out my blog post about it here!

Also, as a side note, you will notice that I have given my hair the chop! There will be a post about this soon, so watch this space!

So, lets get into what I got this month!


This month I received a shirt in a gorgeous autumnal rust colour, a knitted beret, the sparkly brooch and a rather spring time dress.

Vintage blouse

Firstly, lets talk about this shirt; I think it is my favourite item from this box! I think the colour is stunning and very appropriate for the time of year. I think it can be paired with skirts or trousers – here I wore it with a true 1970’s pencil skirt that I already had in my wardrobe. I have gathered some information about dating vintage garments over the past year and from what I can tell, I think this top is from the 1970’s (check out this video by ‘The Eyre Effect’ for more info!).
I love the sloped shoulders and the lines on the shirt, as well as the neckline. It fits perfectly too and sits just below my natural waist. I am very pleased with it, as you can tell by the smile in this picture!


So here we have the lovely knitted beret style hat and the gorgeous brooch. I absolutely adore this brooch, it has a stunning leafy design with little pearl features (of course, I love pearls!). I feel like it is a great accessory to any outfit, especially this plain black top (from Vivien of Holloway).
The knitted beret was a bit of a throwback for me, as I had several of these hats when I was a teenager, in lots of different colours! You can certainly wear it in the typical beret style of the top/side of your head, but I quite like it on the crown, almost like a halo style. I will certainly be getting a lot of wear out of these items!


Lastly, we have this light blue, floral dress. I do quite like the dress itself and it fits me well, but I thought it was a strange choice to put in a November box as I certainly won’t be wearing it until spring!
It does remind me of a vintage dress I already have that has little purple flowers on, but in a very different style, I like it! I particularly like the buttons and surrounding detail. After some investigation, I believe this is a late 1970’s or 1980’s dress; it is very pretty and I look forward to styling it in the future.


I am probably going to skip the next couple of boxes, with Christmas fast approaching! But I look forward to seeing what the new year may bring with this subscription.
What do you think to the items in my box this month?

Published by anchors&swallows

I am a twenty-something vintage lover who is trying to find the time out of work to dress up and feel more glamorous!

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