Gibson Roll Tutorial [Update & Video]

This may seem like some sort of Deja Vu, as I have already demonstrated a Gibson roll on my blog previously, but my blog is all about my progression into the vintage style and it’s aim is to hopefully help and inspire some of you, my readers, to try new things.
Recently, with some practice and an updated technique, the Gibson roll hairstyle has become much easier for me, and I certainly didn’t want to leave my ‘not as good’ attempt on my blog as it was… I want to give you all a good chance of success if you were to read my blog and want to try a Gibson roll for yourself!
I thought about writing about my new way of doing this style, as I am much more comfortable tapping on a keyboard, but I thought it would be better to actually explain in more of a video/tutorial format.

So here is my first ever, proper hair tutorial!

I am certainly not a hairstylist or any sort of beauty professional (or Vlogger!), but I hope I can help some of you who, like myself, is not very good with hair, or are more lazy-hair-hack types – also like myself! It didn’t take much practice to learn how to do this roll in complete honesty, and if I can do it, then so can you!

It is also worth mentioning, as I do talk about this a little in the video, that there are many ways to help you achieve a Gibson roll, but I have found this way to suit my hair type and abilities best. There is a tool I have seen that can help you achieve a similar style, called a ‘Heidi roll’, but this is something I have not tried myself.

If you like this sort of tutorial and have any requests, please let me know by commenting, as I may do more if it is well received.

Thank you for watching!

Published by anchors&swallows

I am a twenty-something vintage lover who is trying to find the time out of work to dress up and feel more glamorous!

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