Joanie Clothing Haul!

Since returning from my ventures, there is one thing I have been longing to do… update my vintage wardrobe! I’ve done a few wish lists at this point and finally I was in a position to have a little spending spree. Since the UK is in the middle of a heat wave, I had quickly realised I need more skirts and dresses – sun dresses had caught my eye in particular.
Joanie Clothing has been recommended to me a couple of times now, as they are known for their vintage and retro inspired pieces, so I thought this would be a good place to start. In fact, there was one item in particular I had seen advertised!
Joanie Clothing Wisteria skirt

This is the Mim Floral Wisteria Skirt, which caught my eye for a specific reason – for anyone who came to my wedding, they will recognise the print – because it matches my wedding invites! I love wisteria, it grows in my parents garden and the colours are stunning. When I saw this skirt, I just had to have it! It is an A line skirt, which I find very flattering. The material is a very good quality and almost has a stiffness to it which helps the skirt keep its shape. It sits perfectly on the waistline with a wide band and gentle pleats in the front.
I found the skirt to be pretty true to size – I find I am a size 12 (UK) on the hips and a size 10 on top, so if the garment has some give, I could be either. When I buy from new websites, I often measure myself to ensure I get the correct size, but my measuring tape has disappeared! So I risked it and bought a 12 – it was perfect!
This skirt could easily be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion – for example a lilac jacket and some heels for a wedding, or some white pumps and a coloured top or even a t-shirt – I always look at the models on the website for inspiration and the model for this skirt wears a slogan jumper in a blush pink – all in all, it is very versatile!

Oh, and did I mention it has POCKETS?

Mim Floral Wisteria skirt

Joanie Clothing - Mim Floral Wisteria Skirt

The print is also available in dress form – I thought long and hard as to which I would rather, but I chose the skirt as I thought I would personally get more use out of it and it is more my style.

The next item I have to share with you is the Sunday Floral Stripe Sun Dress. I was quite surprised to be so drawn to this dress, because it isn’t really a colour I have in my wardrobe, but it was such a happy and bright orange/peach colour, whereas I wear more blues, pinks or deeper reds. In fact, the first dress I saw was this pattern but in blue, but once I saw the ‘sunnier’ colour, I felt it wasn’t quite as summery!

As soon as it arrived and I tried it on, I knew I had made the right choice. The design is just what I needed for my summer wardrobe and the cut is very me! A full skirt and adjustable shoe-string straps. Most sun dresses I have looked at in the past are very light/thin and almost see-through, where as this Joanie Clothing sun dress is fully lined with cotton and again, holds it shape – a very similar material to the Mim skirt.

Sunday Floral Stripe Sun Dress

As with fuller skirts on dresses, I find that a size 10 (UK) works well as the waist sits higher than my natural waistline and so I don’t have to worry about squeezing the garment over my hips and bum! Again, this item was a perfect fit, as if I had gone up a size, it would have gaped under my arms.

The pattern on the dress reminds me of something one of my childhood collectable dolls would have worn – perhaps that is was drew me to it! It was so easy ad enjoyable to wear.

Oh and did I mention this dress has POCKETS too?!

Joanie Clothing - Sunday Floral Stripe Sun Dress

I did purchase one more item, but unfortunately I need to exchange it for another size!

It seems that I’ve seen this t-shirt a million times – on adverts, on YouTube videos… so I decided it was time I actually bought it!
The Gabrielle ‘Alright, Petal’ t-shirt is an item that I think could go with almost anything – it is a casual t-shirt but with a little something to make it interesting! I love the design, with the pocket and the slogan. I think it spoke to me because if I’m not in my uniform and not in some vintage outfit, you will find me in a t-shirt and jeans! This is exactly what I need to be comfortable but feel feminine at the same time.

Unfortunately, I guessed which size I would need and I chose wrong. It comes in ‘Small’ (8-10 UK), ‘medium’ (12-14 UK), large (16-18 UK) and extra large (20-22 UK). As I say, I’m not small enough for an 8 and usually sit between 10 and 12. I risked it and went for a medium, but actually I should have gone for a small. It was a good fit on the shoulders but wasn’t as close a fit as I would have liked. So, I am in the process of returning, which Joanie Clothing have made easy by enclosing a postage label in the package! They don’t currently offer exchanges, so I will be repurchasing soon.
If you would like the see the garment on me when I finally have the right size, please check out my Instagram, @anchors.and.swallows as I often do ‘outfit of the day’ type posts and I will be sure to wear the shirt soon!

My experience with Joanie Clothing has certainly been a positive one and I urge you to check them out! Have you bought anything from Joanie Clothing yet, and if so, what did you buy?!

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I am a twenty-something vintage lover who is trying to find the time out of work to dress up and feel more glamorous!

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