Being tourists in LA and visiting the Besame Store!

If you had ready my previous post about what I was taking with me on our honeymoon, you will have noticed I didn’t take much in the way of vintage. I really missed dressing up and doing my hair and make up – but it was rather hot in Vegas!
I will be talking more about our honeymoon on the blog soon…

While we were visiting Los Angeles, Ross and I had went on a tour around Warner Bro. studios, which was absolutely incredible. Not only did we see the set to The Big Bang Theory, as well as the Friends sofa, there was also lots of ‘silver screen’ movie items preserved there, from films such as My Fair Lady, A Rebel Without a Cause, Casablanca and so much more!

As we were in Burbank, I just had to take a trip to West Magnolia Blvd, as many on the shops I wanted to visit were there, including Unique Vintage and Besame Cosmetics!
If you haven’t heard of Besame Cosmetics before, they are a vintage make up brand who ‘recreate modern reproductions of classic luxury makeup from the 1920s, ’30s, ’40s and 50s, designed to make women feel elegant, inspired, and empowered by their beauty.’

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The store itself is quaint and beautiful.  The two girls behind the counter who served me were so friendly and helpful!
I was certain to leave the shop with one of the famous Besame lipsticks, but I wasn’t sure which one. From my own research, I had seen the ‘Victory Red’ shade, which claimed to ‘suit all skin tones’. I explained to the staff that I do wear more blue toned lipsticks, but they offered for me to try the shade on. They handed me a lip brush saturated in the colour and a make up remover (as I was wearing my old faithful Loyal by The Balm!). The colour did suit me, as agreed by the lovely ladies and my new husband(!), and so that was my purchase!
Ross had also spotted on the counter the ‘Victory’ pin and was keen for me to buy that too. The girls said I could have one for free as it went with the ‘Victory’ lipstick – bonus! They also gave me some of the ‘match stick’ lipstick samples, in the colours ‘Cherry Red’ and ‘Noir Red’.
I also very nearly purchased one of their fragrances. Again, inspired by the scents from 1910 through to the 60’s, the ‘roll on’ perfumes were beautifully packaged and were displayed with the notes that can be expected from each fragrance. My favourites were 1930′ (notes of tobacco, cinnamon and lavender) and ‘1950’ (notes of gardenia, mandarin and freesia). I was very tempted but I had a budget to stick to that day and my heart was set on a lipstick. I have just looked on the Besame website and I noticed they have a frangrance sample set, featuring all the scents – I may have to purchase on payday…

Definitely a good afternoon of retail therapy, as I also bought a gorgeous skirt from Unique Vintage after spending at least 45 minutes looking around. After wearing the lipstick in the store, we had gone out for dinner and I didn’t think to bring the lipstick with me, but luckily I found it to be very long wearing, even after eating ribs!

So, now I am back home, I thought it was time to test out my new items.

The first product I tried was the original lipstick I purchased – the Victory Red. Of course, the packaging is gorgeous and with the little velvet pouch it came with, feels very luxurious. I found the application straight from the tube a little difficult, even after lining my lips,as I am used to the usual ‘tear drop’ shape. I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing, but it will take a bit of getting used to, otherwise I would use a brush. The colour was smooth to apply and very pigmented. Just like my last experience, it lasted all day, through drinking and eating – better than some liquid lipsticks I have tried! It was very comfortable on the lips too and not at all drying. Besame pin and victory red lipstick

I absolutely love the pin! Very well made and will be a great addition to the more 1940’s look I am leaning towards.

Later in the week, I tried out the two match stick samples I had also received. I think this is a great way to try out a colour before buying the real thing! I started with the Noir Red, mainly because I was going out later and I wanted to wear the Cherry Red sample for that.
The Noir Red is a beautiful, deep plum red, which isn’t something I would typically go for as I don’t often wear such dark colours. It was certainly an authentic colour for the late 20’s and early 30’s. The match stick itself didn’t give the best application, but was very good at lining the lips. As I say, it is a good way to sample to product, but just bear in mind the lipstick will be much creamier and easier to apply!


I removed this lipstick to then try to Cherry Red shade. This was certainly more suited to my taste and is more of a blue-tone. Again, the application wasn’t the best from the match stick, but I really enjoyed the colour.


I then went to a BBQ, a great test for the wear of a lipstick! Even though the colour was applied from one of the match sticks, it stayed really well! I am really impressed by the formula.

I can honestly see why Besame is such a popular make up brand and in my opinion, it certainly deserves the hype. I was so happy I could visit the shop in person, as up until recently, Besame was a difficult brand to reach in the UK. Luckily, Voodoo Vixen became a Besame stockist earlier this year, I highly recommend visiting their website to see what products they have available. Otherwise, if you are visiting Los Angeles or the Burbank area, take a stroll down West Magnolia Blvd, you won’t regret it!


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3 thoughts on “Being tourists in LA and visiting the Besame Store!

    1. I was curious too and as I was in the neighbourhood I thought I’d take the plunge! Definitely worth it, very good lippies. I would try voodoo vixen but I think they go out of stock pretty quickly xx


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