My spring ’18 lust list!

Well, thats one month gone for 2018! January seemed to go on forever, didn’t it?
January was a good month for me, as I really have gotten back into wedding planning, but unfortunately that has made me realise that I really am on a budget up until May! But just because I have limited funds, it doesn’t mean I can’t dream just a little bit, does it?
I often browse all the fabulous vintage-style websites, to see what is on offer. It’s even more exciting this time of year as the companies are starting to share their SS18 collections! So, I thought I would put together a few items I have seen and I am lusting for in one place, on my blog! Perhaps I will be able to make one purchase before the wedding… one can only hope!

Vivien of Holloway is a shop I often look at, as their items are often authentic looking and as I grow and learn more about vintage styles, I am leaning more towards authentic styling. Though I do not (yet) own any VOH items, I love the look of their tartan circle skirts and slash neck tops. But, with spring approaching, I would like to own a few more dresses that are casual and yet vintage looking. So here we have the Kitty dress, in ‘Rose and Bow pink’.
The kitty dress is described as having ‘a cutaway collar, cap sleeves, lightly padded shoulders’ with a pleated skirt and pockets! Pockets in a dress is always a bonus, as many ladies I’m sure would agree with me! It truly is a 50’s style day dress and the colour is perfect for spring, summer and up-coming valentines day. I don’t often wear pink, but I am really drawn to this pattern and colour over the other designs on the site.
Another VOH dress I have seen is the Lana dress, which is more ‘a-line’ and also has padded shoulders, but with a more ‘draped effect’ on the top. I don’t often wear pencil dresses or skirts as I have what I think is called a ‘hip dip’ and so they often don’t look how I would like them to, but as this is more ‘a-line’, I would quite like to try one!

Kitty Dress, Vivien of Holloway
1940s Dress Lana Ash Peach Floral
Lana dress, Vivien of Holloway

Looking at the more ‘accessory’ side of things, I have completely fallen in love with the new collection from Erstwilder. They are a jewellery company from Australia that are now being stocked on the Collectif website. The new collection in ‘Wilder West‘ themed; cacti, pistols and ponies! But when I saw this item, I absolutely fell in love – a banjo brooch! 
I don’t wear brooches at all and haven’t had the desire to start to, until now. I used to play the Ukulele (I occasionally still do!) and my dream in high school was to own a banjolele, so when I saw this brooch, I instantly wanted it! The Erstwilder website says ‘Each piece is hand assembled, hand painted and released in limited quantities’ which makes them all very special, they all have their own story too!

Erstwilder Stay Plucky
‘Stay Plucky’ banjo brooch, by Erstwilder

The western theme is truly speaking to me at the moment, I think this is because of our up-coming honeymoon to Las Vegas and LA. So anything with a cactus print, I take an interest in!
I received an email from Collectif Clothing, announcing their new SS18 collection, so I instantly clicked the link and found this dress – the Janie Cactus Doll dress. The dress is described has knee length, with a curved neckline and double straps, made with a lightweight material, which makes it perfect for the summer! Out of all the items I have seen, I think I want this one the most! There’s nothing quite like a new dress, is there? I can just imagine wearing this on an evening down the strip!

Collectif Mainline Janie Cactus Doll Dress
Janie Cactus Doll dress, by Collectif Clothing

Keeping with the honeymoon shopping list, I saw this bikini on the Unique Vintage website ages ago, so when I thought ‘perhaps I need a some new swimwear’ for the occasion, I instantly thought of this. This is the Monroe high waisted bikini bottoms with matching bikini top. I love high waisted cuts, especially when they cover my belly button and so this ticks all the boxes! I’m not too sure what the sizing is like, as I’m quite busty, I usually need a bikini top that has cup sizing instead of the ‘small to large’ sizing. But this is a classic, retro high waisted bikini set that I really would like!

Monroe bikini, from Unique Vintage

The last choice is a little less summery, but much more appealing to the casual look I am after. I saw this item when it first launched on the Miss Bamboo website and again, has an authentic cut to it and I love the double collar feature! They come in a range of colours, but I love the flecked blue design here. I would certainly pair this with a circle (or pencil) skirt, or with capris or jeans. The Miss Bamboo label is made here in the UK, but also stocks other brands such as Bernie Dexter and Trashy Diva.

Image result for miss bamboo double collar
Blue fleck, double collar 50’s blouse, by Miss Bamboo

So, there you have it! Though I very much doubt I will be getting any of these items before the big day, I can but hope to purchase at least one!

What is on your lust list for the warmer months to come?

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