The January Birchbox

January is well known as the most depressing month of the year – dark nights, low funds… but a little present to yourself could certainly give you something to look forward to!
This is a post fairly unrelated to all things vintage, but as you may have noticed I do love make up and beauty products, so I hope you can forgive me!
I have had a subscription to Birchbox for over a year now and I get quite excited when my box arrives! Birchbox is the ‘UK’s number one beauty box’, where they send you five personalised beauty items every month. They take into consideration your skin type, hair and style, so not every customer gets the same items. The box retails for £10 per month plus P&P and due to the variety of brands, some luxury, I think this is well worth the price!

The box allows you to try samples of these beauty treats and includes one full size item also, then you are able to buy them through the Birchbox shop with a 10% discount! The Birchbox shop often has offers running so it is worth checking and they stock a wide range of well known brands.

They often collaborate with different businesses and designers, where they help design the boxes and offer discounts on their own websites.


This month, Birchbox sent out a collaboration with ‘Ohh Deer‘, a british stationery brand that offers quirky gifts, with the theme of ‘Stand Tall’ – embracing yourself. Each box comes with a guide to the products received, as well as a sneak peak for the following month. Inside the box there was a 20% off the ‘Ohh Deer’ website and 50% off your first order of their own ‘Papergang’ stationery box, as well as some ‘Ohh Deer’ stickers.

So, onto the beauty items!

  • Porefessional Pearl Primer (by Benefit Cosmetics)
  • Waterproof eyeliner in ‘Charcoal’ (by Marcelle)
  • Blusher crayon in ‘Peach’ (by Lord & Berry)
  • Manketti Hair Oil (by Charlotte Mensah)
  • Amazing make up remover cloth (by Afterspa)

My aim for this post was to use every product to show you how they worked on me, and I almost did…
I was very excited to see a sample of the brand new Benefit Porefessional Pearl Primer, I have been wanting to try this and was going to purchase it myself! So, I was able to try before I buy! If you’ve read my previous post about my make-up routine, you’ll know I love the original Porefessional primer, but as I sometimes suffer from dry and dull skin, I was hoping for good things with this new edition.

I applied it to the usual places – nose and pore areas as well as chin and centre of forehead. Considering I had finished a weekend night shift at work, my skin was thirsty and dull so I wasn’t expecting miracles but I was pleasantly surprised. The product itself has a pearl look to it but doesn’t look shiny on the skin, as Benefit describe it as a soft matte finish. My skin did look a little brighter and, as with the original formula, my pores were very much minimised! See what you think from the pictures above! Once I had the rest of my make up on, I was really pleased with the performance of the primer; my make up sat well on my skin and stayed well all night.

I then carried on with the rest of my make up, I tried a eyeshadow colour out of my comfort-zone and was pleased with those results too! I added the eyeliner to my waterline and above my lashes on my upper lid. I have recieved and used this product before but in a different shade and have really enjoyed it, it is pigmented and stays put – all you could ask for in a pencil eyeliner!

I was planning on using the blush crayon, just to try it out as I was sceptical about a blush in this form, but I got carried away getting ready for my evening that I completely forgot to use it! I got the colour Peach – I have swatched it on my hand, it appears to be a peachy coral which blends into a sheer colour (the leaflet describes it as buildable). I’m sure I will try it in the future but I know I will not use it that often, it’s just not my cup of tea as I find they don’t sit well on my foundation/powder.

My make up using the primer and eyeliner…

I really enjoy the hair products sent from Birchbox, the hair oil included! It has a faint smell of lavender and really feels like its nourishing the hair without a greasy or sticky finish. My hair looked healthy and glossy after using it once with the only other product used being my heat protectant spray. I always apply oil on towel dried hair, before drying it with a hair dryer or letting it air dry and as I say, it works well for me.

The ‘amazing make up cloth’ I am very intrigued about and was looking forward to using as I find removing make up a tedious task, especially eyeliner and mascara! Unfortunately the night I was planning to use it, our washing machine had broken – the instructions call for the cloth to be washed before first use, so I am waiting for the next day I wear make up again! (Probably the weekend…)

I hope you found my product reviews helpful and if you haven’t subscribed to Birchbox already, I highly recommend you do – I have even found some of my favourite products this way! It really is like a surprise present from yourself every month!
Did you receive a Birchbox this month? How did you find the products?

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