The Christmas Party!

I am writing this on Sunday evening, under a blanket, on the sofa – slightly hungover and reminiscing about last night, my work Christmas party.

For some, a work Christmas do may be a small affair, and some businesses don’t have one, but our Christmas party seems to be the event of the year! Instead of having colleagues, a lot of the people I work with, if not all of them, see us all as one big family. Working at a veterinary practice, we all see more of each other than our own families most of the time. We work long, unsociable hours and this is the one night of the year we all get together, out of uniform and have one big knees up! Dinner, drinks and dancing all night long!

For me, it is a great excuse to dress up in full, glamourous vintage style, as well as an excuse to buy a new dress for the occasion! This year was no different, I have been planning my look for over a month.

I was working until 1 o’clock on Saturday afternoon, which left me around 4-5 hours to get ready. I got home and pin curled my hair early in the afternoon to give it extra time to set. I just did my standard pin curl set, just as I did in a previous post. I then pottered around the house until it was time to do my make up. I was planning to do a ‘get ready with me’ style post, but I ran out of time to record any of the things I did! I felt like I had plenty of time but took a while doing my make up, so I only had half an hour to brush out my hair and get dressed!

Despite being rushed towards the end, I felt my look came together pretty well, though I wish I had more time to fiddle with my hair.

For my make up, I thought I would do a classic, Christmassy gold eyes and red lip. I used the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe eyeshadow palette, which had a lovely bronzed gold colour, then applied some Urban Decay Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner in ‘Midnight Cowboy’ to make the look a little more festive! I also bought some false eyelashes especially for the occasion – I’m still quite new to falsies, but these stayed on all night! They are the Tatti lashes in style TL24, they are very long and wispy! They were much bigger than I anticipated, but I went with it and really enjoyed some dramatic lashes! The rest of my make up application was the same as my normal make up routine, the red lip was The Balm ‘Loyal’ liquid lipstick.

You may recognise my outfit from my My Birthday Retro Haul! post, the full skirted dress from Hell Bunny is a fabulous dress to dance in! It is perfect for when the DJ plays the Grease megamix! I received a lot of compliments and I loved wearing it.
I wasn’t planning on buying new shoes,  but I stumbled across these beauties on eBay, from the vintage reproduction brand Miss L Fire. They are called ‘Starlet’ and I can seeImage result for miss l fire starlet why – it is Hollywood glamour in a shoe. I loved the Lucite heel, very Cinderella like! They are also the most comfortable high heeled shoes I own now, my feet didn’t hurt once all night, impressive!
My coat was given to me by a friend – a very lovely, generous friend! The coat is from Hell Bunny also, I walked to the train station in it that evening and it was very warm.


Being a Chef, Ross works the majority of December and has missed the last few years of Christmas party meals, but he usually manages to come over for the dancing and to take me home! He turned up looking very handsome in his suit and we were very lucky to be able to have some pictures taken. It was lovely to actually be able to spend some time with him at this busy time of year!

So, another Christmas party has passed and the big day itself is only two weeks away. Time is flying past, but I am already looking forward to next years party. Let me know if you wore a vintage style dress to your festive parties, or what dress you would love to wear if you could!



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I am a twenty-something vintage lover who is trying to find the time out of work to dress up and feel more glamorous!

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