All about Hair Scarves!

For a long time I have been wanting to try different hair scarves – I see all the vintage models using them and I feel they can really tie a look together! I ordered some nylon scarves from ‘Doll Me Up’ (from the US, nylon scarves are hard to find!) and they have finally arrived! So I spent my afternoon playing with all my scarves and bandanas and practicing my hair skills!

I have previously mentioned the silk scarves I bought while visiting the Affordable Vintage Fair, and I have found a great tutorial on YouTube by Miss Bee Town that was easy to follow.

I feel I need a bit more confidence to wear a style like this out in public, but I like it as its easy to do and there’s minimal hair styling involved! I have also found the silk scarves useful to cover my pin curl set while they cool (I use a curling wand), so I can do jobs around the hIMG_6852ouse with the curls protected!

I curled my hair quickly and brushed out the curls to try out my nylon scarves and was able to manipulate my hair to look half decent, which never happens the way I want it to for actual events and going out! I got these scarves in the colours ‘Apple Cider’ and ‘Burgundy’ – very autumnal!

I managed to ‘swoop’ the front section of my hair and tuck it into the scarf, which I really liked. It’s a basic curled hairstyle but with the addition of the scarf, it gives it an extra vintage feel. Nylon hair scarves have a bit of ‘stiffness’ to them, which makes the bow stand up nicely, they are easier to manipulate which is why I wanted nylon specifically.

Before trying the other colour, I thought I would try to do a barrel roll, which turned out really well (I wasn’t leaving the house, typical!). I turned it into a victory roll style and added the scarf. I would definitely recommend curling your hair before attempting any ‘roll’ hairstyle, to make it easier for yourself!
You can also use the scarf to tie around a pony tail, a fun way for making a simple hair style look vintage!

Since I had my hair in a pony tail, I thought I would demonstrate how easy my trusty bandana style is, it was always my go to, whereas now I am trying to improve my pin curl sets. Again, as my hair was already curled, I managed a barrel roll fairly easily – if I were going out, I would lock it in with A LOT of hairspray!

Victory rolls, barrel rolls and suicide rolls can be achieved with some practice! My ally has always been Cherry Dollface and her YouTube tutorials; she has done all sorts of styles so check her out! Although nylon hair scarves are hard to come by, I think they are worth the effort to track down and purchase, I really enjoyed the styles I wore them with! But hair flowers and my trusty bandanas are great accessories too!

Cardigan from Banned Clothing, Stud earrings from Collectif, white hair on cardigan by Buddy the cat!

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I am a twenty-something vintage lover who is trying to find the time out of work to dress up and feel more glamorous!

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