My Top Five Essentials!

It’s taken me a few years to build my vintage style and wardrobe, but I started with only a few items that were versatile enough to style around, without breaking the bank!
First of all, I want to point out that this is my individual style and this is what has helped me, but you do whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident! I hear that some people in the vintage community can be judgemental, but personally I have been lucky enough to avoid these comments and have had a lot of positivity!
Make sure you do you! Not everyone has the money to buy all the lovely dresses, petticoats and shoes that others have and as for me it has certainly been a gradual process, as I say it is very much a personal style and an alternative lifestyle!

1. High waisted jeans
TIMG_20140628_152815he is my personal go to in making my outfit look vintage, especially if you go for a true high waist cut. I can pair these with a t-shirt or, my favourite – a cardigan!
My favourite high waisted jeans are by Collectif (my favourite brand!), called the ‘Monroe’ jeans; they straight leg and the waist line sits right on my belly button. This waistline helps to create an hourglass shape, which also helps create a vintage look. I have also recently purchased the Lady K Loves ‘Classic’ which are more expensive (I luckily found mine of eBay), but they are certainly worth the price!
My starting point before Collectif though were just a pair of high rise jeans from River Island, this did work well, paired with the right items and accessories.

2. Basic t-shirts and tops
Going with the high waisted jeans, are basic t-shirts and tops, not necessarily from vintage repro shops! A blue stripe t-shirt is a great starting point as it gives off the classic nautical vibe and easy to find on the high street! Also high neck lines are very ‘Audrey

lady k loves
Lady K Loves Jeans, Collectif top and anchor belt from Hell Bunny

Hepburn’, such as slash neck tops.
Another easy find are coloured cardigans, New Look have a great collection, pairing this with high waisted jeans and a skinny style belt with some pumps or even converse style trainers is a fab go-to every day look!

3. Red lipstick
I was never brave enough to wear red lipstick, or any lipstick for that matter before trying the vintage style out! I bought a cheap lipstick from Rimmel and practiced and gained confidence! It certainly pulls together a vintage look. My go-to look in school was always the feline flick eyeliner, but you don’t even need to do that if you’re not confident with eyeliner – just mascara, blush and some red lipstick and you are good to go. This can look quite authentic!
Even though I say red lipstick in particular, I wear pinks more often, but that’s usually because I wear a lot of pink vintage style items!

My current favourite red is Loyalty by the Balm Cosmetics (liquid lipstick), also a Miss Victory Violet favourite!

4. Jewellery and accessories
Vintage style jewellery is easy to come by, especially pearl-like earrings, hoop earrings and ‘themed’ necklaces, such as swallows, cherries etc. They can really pull together a look!
20140519_191458You can also find slim line belts that can help cinch the waist and create a vintage feel, especially in a plain colour like black or brown, but saying that I bought a cool anchor belt in red, white and blue from Hell Bunny, which I can wear with a dress, skirt or my high waisted jeans!
As mentioned in my previous post, bandanas were my go-to, but also hair flowers! Again, easy to find in most shops and supermarkets!
I often wear ballet pumps and converses with my outfits as they are easy come by and

much cheaper options than vintage reproduction shoes! I wear my black court heels from New Look with my dresses and swing trousers all the time!

5. Bobby pins and hairspray!
At least attempting a vintage hair style will really make you look the part and by that I don’t mean doing the full victory roll/pin curl set, unless you’re practicing!

Very early days, in my River Island jeans! Not proud of the poor belt choice… But hair pinned back was my favourite with short hair!

When I first started it was my go to ponytail/bun bandana look, or gather sections of my hair behind my ears, pushing them forward slightly and pinning them in place with a hair flower to cover the pins! Easy to do and creates a faux victory roll feel.

I hope this is helpful to create some inspiration for you and also to help you find vintage styles on the high street! If you would like to add any suggestions of what you think is essential to your vintage style, then comment below!


Published by anchors&swallows

I am a twenty-something vintage lover who is trying to find the time out of work to dress up and feel more glamorous!

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