My beginnings as a rockabilly gal!

For a while, I couldn’t really remember when I started to dress in a rockabilly style, or why I came to love vintage fashion so much. This really frustrated me as when people asked my why I dressed this way, I didn’t have a very good answer!
It was only recently that I thought back and realised how I became so interested.

As a teenager, I was what you would call… ’emo’ (cringe).
My favourite bands were Blink-182, Panic! at the Disco, All Time Low etc. I wore black eyeliner and fingerless gloves. I even had a pair of tartan skinny jeans! I still have them! I know I’ll never wear them again (my bum is a little bigger than when I was in school!) but I cannot bring myself to get rid of them!
Anyway, I often bought my ‘alternative’ clothes from websites such as Blue Banana, which had a list of all the different lifestyles they cater for, such as Goth, Lolita, and then I saw ‘Rockabilly’ and ‘Psychobilly’. I was curious was to what these styles would look like. So I started googling these terms and I quickly realised that ‘Psychobilly’ wasn’t for me, it didn’t really tick my boxes. But Rockabilly certainly did. I was brought up on music liIMG_4825ke The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison by my Dad and I loved the leather jacket, blue jeans and bandana look! So that is where I first began, with bandanas from Blue Banana. It certainly worked with my band t-shirts! I already did a cat-eye winged eyeliner in my make up routine, but I bought my first lipstick to go with my new look – red, of course!

I soon discovered Cherry Dollface on Youtube (if you haven’t heard of her, look her up!). She is by far my biggest influence and taught me how to do victory rolls and barrel rolls! Youtube is certainly your best friend when learning vintage

High waisted shorts and a bandana were my go-to!

As I progressed in my style, I found a love for circle skirts, cardigans and petticoats. I would say my style is more 1950’s vintage than rockabilly, but what appealed to me is how easy it seemed to apply a rockabilly fashion to my then current wardrobe!

I will do later posts about my wardrobe and go-to hair styles!
I would love to hear how you started your vintage journey, comment below!

PS. If you haven’t heard of Blue Banana, check it out – I’ve just looked and they now have a ‘Vintage’ section instead of Rockabilly!

Published by anchors&swallows

I am a twenty-something vintage lover who is trying to find the time out of work to dress up and feel more glamorous!

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